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30 Days of Wild

This June, we will be taking part in The Wildlife Trust's '30 Days of Wild'. This is a wonderful opportunity to get children outdoors, exploring the world around them. As a school, we thought it would be good to share ahead of half-term, in case any families would like to get a head start on this. 

The 'Activity Ideas' (attached below) give ideas of different activities to do. These are numbered from 1 to 30 but can be done in any order and more than one can be done on any day. There are some other documents attached which will support children with some of the activities, including a butterfly spotter to help with naming the butterfly species. 

If you would like your 30 Days of Wild photos to be shared with the school then please email them into the school office with the subject title 'FAO Miss Poole - 30 Days of Wild'. Please can we ask that this is limited to the best 4 photos per family.