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Who's Who?


Mrs E Stewart           

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs G Tong                 

Year Group

Class Teacher

Support Staff

Year 6

Mrs G Tong

Trainee teacher: Miss L Khan

  • Miss C Telfer

Year 5

Mrs D Cole

  • Mrs S Bushay
  • Mrs G Lund
  • Mrs T Walker (ARP TA)

Year 4

Miss E Gouldstone

Support: Ms M Hayden

  • Mrs O Adler-MacGregor
  • Mrs H Barlow
  • Mrs L Oldfield

Year 3

Mrs J Ryan

  • Mrs A Danel
  • Mrs J Twidale (ARP TA)

Year 2

Miss L Poole

  • Miss N Cooke (ARP TA)
  • Mrs V Swain

Year 1

Miss J Jacob

Trainee teacher: Miss L Gornall-Holmes

  • Miss C Bowie
  • Miss C Leslie


Mrs E King

  • Mrs E Baldwin
  • Miss E Fake


Mrs E Tattersall

  • Miss N Cooke
  • Mrs J Twidale
  • Mrs T Walker

PPA Teachers

Mrs C Curtis

Mrs C Moore                          


Ms M Hayden                  

ARP Lead (Teacher of the Deaf)

Mrs E Tattersall                 

School Administrator

Mrs A Jacob                        

Finance Officer

Mrs S Harris                       

Admin Assistant

Mrs C Gundry                    

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs O Adler-MacGregor

  • Mrs D Hutson
  • Mrs C Isaac
  • Mrs S Quintana Mejia

Senior Site Manager

Site Officer

Mr D Lack

Mr V Charlton

Cleaning Team

Mrs N Cuppleditch-Swain

Out of School Playworkers

Miss N Cooke

  • Miss D Cackett
  • Mr J Gundry
  • Mrs J Twidale
  • Mrs S Bushay
  • Miss E Fake
  • Mrs V Swain
  • Miss C Leslie