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What are we Learning?

Each week we will share what we have been learning in our class. Remember to look at our photo gallery to see what we've been up to!


21st January 

We have finished out large scale collages ready to add to our Reception display in the school corridor. Each group has taken a nocturnal animal, explored its shape, size and colour and then created our own printed paper to rip to make the collages with. We have made a hedgehog, a badger, an owl and a fox. In Maths, we have been working hard to find less than and have even shown our working out using a number line! In IT we have all logged on to BugClub using the ipads at school, we have enjoyed reading the stories to collect tokens to play the games. If you need any help logging into BugClub at home please ask any Reception staff. We're happy to help!


14th January

This week we have been camping in our role play area and have loved talking about our own experiences of being in tents and holidays in general. We have used our hands and small world creatures with torchlight to cast shadows. Mrs Adler shared a brilliant story from home called 'Daft Bat', we loved hearing about how the bat sees the world from upside down. In Maths, we have been challenging our brains by finding more than using our baby owls, Sarah, Percy and Bill to help us. We have started our purple phase 3 phonics and have looked at J, V, W and X. 


7th January

We have been very excited to see our friends after the Christmas break! We are also starting a new topic called Light and Dark. To start this we have worked as a fantastic team to build up a campsite. We have a real tent, lots of torches and have collected resources to make a camp fire. We have had an arty start to the topic by creating a huge tree and have used our handprints to make different coloured leaves, this is making the backdrop for our role play area.  We are looking forward tom learning about lots of different nocturnal animals and eventually outer space! 

10th December

We are getting into the Christmas spirit and have changed our role play area in a grotto / Santa's workshop. We have been busy wrapping gifts, writing Christmas cards and making Christmas present wish lists. We are also working very hard on our Nativity songs and remembering when to get on and off the stage. We can't wait for the big show! In Maths, we have work on recognising and writing numbers to 5 and then challenging ourselves to work to 10.

3rd December

This week we have been making a story map to help us retell the story of 'We're Going in an Elf Chase'. We have loved adding our own sections to the story and introducing new characters. We have also been on a key word hunt around the school. We are embedding our skills when reading CVC and CVCC words such as 'bells', 'rabbit' and 'elf'. We have also been busy helping to make props for our upcoming Nativity. 

26th November

The celebrations continue in Reception and this week we have been exploring our birthdays and what birthdays around the world look like. The highlight of the week has been visiting the kitchen to make our banana birthday cupcakes! We were very careful when following our recipe and measuring our the ingredients. In Maths, we have been learning and wholes being made up of parts, we have enjoyed building jigsaw puzzles with our friends and then having a go at making our own.  We have also been building up our physical confidence when using the climbing frame in different ways and zooming around on scooters outside.


19th November

This week we have been continuing our Celebrations theme. We have loved looking at Diwali and creating our own clay Diva lamps - they look fantastic and will be coming home soon! We have read a story called 'Dipal's Dwali' and have taken inspiration from this to made beautiful rangoli patterns and delicate mehndi designs. This week has also been Anti-Bulling Week. We have really enjoyed exploring the music made by Any and the Odd Socks Band. We have thought carefully about what makes a good friend and how one kind word can change someone's day for the better. We have decorated our classroom with odd sock designs and made unique bunting to show that we are all special and can all be fantastic friends. 


5th November

We've had a spooky start to our new half-term. We have looked at the celebration of Halloween, shared our experiences and decorated our classroom. We have loved deconstructing pumpkins both inside and outside. We've used knives in a safe and careful manner to carve faces, used tweezers to collect seeds and made gooey potions from the pulp in the mud kitchen! We have come to the end of our phase 2 phonics sounds and will spend time consolidating this before we move on to our purple phase 3 sounds. As a school we have been celebrating Black History this week. In Reception, we have looked at a female African-American artist called Alma Thomas. We have explored her paintings and recreated similar patterns using collage. 


22nd October

We've made it to the end of our very first half term! 
This week we have been using our phonetic skills to write healthy shopping lists to help a character called Oliver. We've loved racing around the 'shops' with our shopping trolleys. In Science this week we joined up with Year 2 to plant some daffodil and tulip bulbs. We are eagerly awaiting spring to see the shoots start to appear! In Computing we have been getting into the Halloween spirit and used an app to create spooky pictures. We've focussed on changing the toll and the colours. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that joined us on Thursday afternoon for our 'Share a Story' session. The children we're thrilled to see so many grown ups from home in their classroom. It has been a hot topic of discussion this Friday. We hope to do more of these throughout the year. 


15th October

We have been working hard in our Literacy learning to adapt the story of 'The Tiger Who came to Tea'. We've had butterflies, slime monsters and sharks join us for tea instead! We've had a go at writing labels for our new characters using our phase 2 sounds. We are starting to use our phonetic knowledge and are seeing sounds everywhere! 
We've also put our coats and wellies on and set off on an autumnal adventure to search for signs of the seasons changing. We have collected sticks, conkers, leaves of many colours and even seen a grey squirrel! We didn't manage to spy any hedgehogs, so instead we read the story of Percy the Park Keeper ad his friend The Hedgehog. We've used our collected items in our Maths learning and in our fine motor trays where we've made leaf kebabs and wrapped conkers to keep them safe for the squirrel. 


8th October

This week we have been exploring the text called 'The Tiger Who came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. We have made our own version of the story as a story map and have actions to help us retell it. We have loved writing menus, receipts and shopping lists to help the Tiger. We were left with all of his dirty dishes, so we've been working hard in the water area to make sure they are all clean. We've worked as a  brilliant team in the construction area to create traps to catch the Tiger in case he ever comes back again. 
In Maths, we have been working on our accurate counting. We've made some rules to help us. We know that things need to be in a clear line, we use our pointy finger and touch the items one at a time whilst saying the number name. This is called the 1:1 counting, and we're getting rather good at it! 

1st October 

We are very proud to say that we attended our first assembly with the whole school to celebrate the harvest festival. We bravely stood up and sang our song 'The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow', thank you for working on this at home too! We were fantastic!
In our learning time we have been diving deep into number and using our quick eyes to recognise amounts of items as fast as we can! In Literacy, we have read the story of 'Funny Bones' and then transformed our role-play area into a Doctor's surgery. We have been busy making sure everyone has been taking their medicines and vitamins. 


24th September

This week we have started our phase 2 phonics learning. We have looked at S A T P so far and have loved finding the sounds in our names and in the environment. We have also had a brilliant visit from a dancer to help us celebrate the Olympics this year. We had the country of Germany, and we explored the traditional dance of Schuhplattler. This dance entailed us using lots of body percussion when moving to a beat by stomping, clapping and hitting our feet. 


17th September 

We had a very busy first full week at school! This week we have been involved in our whole school science experiment all about bubbles. We have explored how to change bubbles using their sizes, colours and quantities. We really loved making bubbly volcanoes by mixing dyed mixture with whisks. We have also followed our interests and have created ancient pirate treasure maps to follow in our outdoor area. Some of us found magical eggs, beautiful gold and a dream castle to live in!
We are all feeling rather exhausted, and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home where we can recharge our batteries ready for another week!


10th September 

We've just completed our first week at school! We've done a fantastic job of settling into our new classroom and routines. So far we have loved touring the school and visiting the field to play parachute games. We've visited the hall ready for when we have our lunches there every day and even been to visit the school library. It's been a warm week, so we have really enjoyed exploring the water trays in our outside area, especially when we added bubbles to make baby baths and car washes! 

We're looking forward to next week when we stay all day!