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What are we Learning?

Each week we will share what we have been learning in our class. Remember to look at our photo gallery to see what we've been up to!


WB 13.09.21

We've had a very busy first full week at school! This week we have been involved in our whole school science experiment all about bubbles. We have explored how to change bubbles using their sizes, colours and quantities. We really loved making bubbly volcanoes by mixing dyed mixture with whisks. We have also followed our interests and have created ancient pirate treasure maps to follow in our outdoor area. Some of us found magical eggs, beautiful gold and a dream castle to live in!
We are all feeling rather exhausted, and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home where we can recharge our batteries ready for another week!


WB 06.09.21

We've just completed our first week at school! We've done a fantastic job of settling into our new classroom and routines. So far we have loved touring the school and visiting the field to play parachute games. We've visited the hall ready for when we have our lunches there every day and even been to visit the school library. It's been a warm week, so we have really enjoyed exploring the water trays in our outside area, especially when we added bubbles to make baby baths and car washes! 

We're looking forward to next week when we stay all day!