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What are we Learning?


Friday 27th January 2023

In maths this week, we have started to form algebraic expressions using letters instead of numbers. We have learnt that 4 multiplied by y can be written as 4y. We have also represented these using drawings to help us.

In English, we have continued to read Holes and we have discovered that the Warden is actually a woman. We have been writing conversations to show the characters of the different boys and adults in the story. Lots of us have theories about what is going to happen next!

On Monday, a group of children travelled to the O2 to sing in the Young Voices choir. They were fantastic and represented the school really well. In art this week, we have started our sculptures, forming figures out of wire. Thank you to Mr Lack for preparing the wooden blocks for the figures to stand on. On Thursday, we had our music and arts day where we focussed on the composition entitled 'Earth' by Hans Zimmer. We enjoyed composing on the ipads and creating artwork inspired by the music.


Friday 20th January 2023

This week, we have been continuing with our work on ratio. We have been solving problems including working out how to adjust recipes for different quantities. In our fluency sessions, we have been getting really good at working out percentages of amounts.

In English, we have identified the features of explanation texts about different animals. We are then using this to plan and write a text about the yellow-spotted lizard from our novel, Holes. We are focussing on using technical language and organising the information.

In other subjects, we have considered the impact of human and geographical features on different biomes. This includes the introduction of species which are not native to the area and how this influences the delicate balance in the food chain.


Friday 13th January 2023

Happy New Year! We have got started straight away with our new topics since we came back to school. We are really enjoying reading 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. We have discussed the main character and his initial impressions of 'Camp Green Lake' where nothing is green and there is no lake! This links really well to our new Geography topic of Biomes. We have started researching these, their features and where they are in the world.

In  maths, we are using ratio to calculate relationships between different numbers, using the language of 'For every......, there are........' We have also been making use of the colon (:) to show ratios. To start with, we used counters and pictures to help us.

In art, we are completing a sculpture topic and we started this week by creating figures out of foil. We used shadows to help us draw the figures we made in our sketch books. In science, we are studying adaptation and evolution. We have been researching different breeds of dogs and have compared their characteristics in a game of Top Trumps.





Friday 16th December 2022

In English this week, we have been looking at extracts from 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. We have discussed the characters and explored why Scrooge is so against Christmas. We have written diary entries using the first person and including thoughts and feelings.

In Maths, we have finished our work on fractions by finding fractions of quantities. This has included working out what the original 'whole' was given the fraction and the 'answer'.  We have found that diagrams can help a lot with these types of questions.

On Friday last week, some of us interviewed Mrs Spong (Mrs Lund's grandmother) who was evacuated during WWII when she was 8 years old. She told us all about her experiences and she said how much she enjoyed coming in to talk to us. Those children who were lucky enough to interview have fed back the information to the class this week. Finally, we must mention the snowfall this week which caused great excitement! One of the photos below shows children looking wistfully out of the window on Monday when we were unable to go outside. We also completed our DT projects this week and some of the sewing skills were very impressive.




Friday 9th December 2022

This week, we have been dividing fractions by fractions using diagrams and looking for patterns in our answers. Once again, our times tables knowledge has come in very useful. We have also revised coordinates and BODMAS (order of operations).

In English, we have planned and written explanation texts. We identified the features of this type of text and then have tried hard to use these in our own writing. We chose our topics from electricity, chocolate or Anderson shelters. We spoke about the difference between explanations and instructions.

On Wednesday, we had a great time at the church making 220 christingles ready for the services on Thursday. There was excellent teamwork between all the children and we managed to make all these christingles in just 30 minutes! 




Friday 2nd December 2022

In maths this week, we have been multiplying fractions. We started with multiplying by whole numbers (integers) and are now able to multiply fractions by fractions. We used diagrams and also worked out that we could multiply the integers together and the denominators together.

In English this week, we have completed tests on reading and grammar. We have also written diary entries based on the advert 'A Christmas Truce'.

This week, we painted snowmen decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre. We designed our snowmen first on paper and then used fine paintbrushes to decorate the ceramic figures.




Friday 25th November 2022

 With one month until Christmas and the start of a certain football tournament, we have been completing work based on A Christmas Truce when the soldiers in World War One joined together for a football match. This week, we have written descriptions of No Man's Land, using a range of sentence structures. We have also written first person accounts.

In maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions including mixed numbers. We found adding easier than subtracting, but we have made excellent use of our times tables knowledge to find equivalent fractions when needed.

In DT, we have been busy sewing our stocking presents. There is lots of evidence of 'make do and mend' and some of us are particularly good at the blanket stitch. The teachers were very impressed with the tidying up skills displayed at the end of the session. The photos below show us in action!



Friday 18th November2022

In English this week, we have been finding out what happened in an air raid and we have written information texts to inform the general public of their duties and responsibilities. We have considered the layout of the text and the technical and formal language which is needed.

In Maths this week, we have been continuing our learning with fractions, including comparison of fractions using the numerator and denominator. We have also discussed how we can compare them by considering whether a fraction is more or less than a half

In Science, we constructed electrical circuits, and we have started to consider how to make a bulb brighter or dimmer. The highlight of the week for most of us was the Pudsey Fayre on Friday afternoon. We have enjoyed planning our games, and we have brought in lots of sweets as prizes! We are looking forward to seeing how much money we have raised as a school.


Friday 11th November 2022

In English this week, we have been reading and discussing poems written about war. We have learnt how poets can show their opinions through the words they use and we have compared different poets and their work. We have also used some of the vocabulary and phrases to help us draft our own poems.

In maths, we have been using mental calculations and known facts to solve problems. We have also started to revise equivalent fractions in preparation for addition and subtraction of fractions next week. We have continued our maths fluency and we are getting more confident when describing our methods.

In History this week, we have learnt what propaganda is and we have discussed posters used during WWII. We have also drawn our own posters. In Science, we have started our electricity topic and we considered how to stay safe.


Friday 4th November 2022

 In English this week, we have been learning about Sir Mo Farah as part of our Black History Week studies. We watched a clip of him winning his second gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics and we have written newspaper reports about this using formal language and quotes.

In maths, we have been learning what BODMAS stands for and how to apply this to calculations. We have become more confident using this and we have seen how adding a set of brackets can change the final answer of a calculation.

In other work this week, we have used the ipads to explore the Tinkercad app which is used for 3D modelling. We have also gone outside as part of our outside learning day to complete a photo scavenger hunt and to take pictures of forced perspective. We have posted these on Google Classroom.



Friday 21st October 2022

This week, we have completed some tests to see what we need to work on in preparation for our SATs in May.  We have completed maths, reading and grammar tests.

In English, we have started to compare the novel, Goodnight Mr Tom, with the film. We have noticed lots of differences and have discussed why this might be. We also noticed some similarities. 

In maths, we have continued working on long division, and we have discussed reminders and how these may need to be rounded up or down in some word problems.

In art, we have created sunsets and silhouettes, depicting London during the Blitz. We have been learning about the Blitz in our History lessons. Also in history, we have learnt about rationing and how this did not end when the war ended.



Friday 14th October 2022

We have been working hard this week on our presentation and handwriting in Year 6. This has made a difference particularly to our working out in maths where we have been completing division calculations using long division and also factors.

In English, we have combined our history knowledge with our writing as we completed accounts about what it may have been like to spend a night in an Anderson shelter. In our topic lesson, we learnt about what happened during the Blitz. Some of us wanted to know what happened to pets and whether they had to wear gas masks.....

During our indoor PE session, we continued our circuits and this week we completed a cardio circuit. There were lots of very active children who were somewhat out of breath by the end of the session!

Our computing lesson covered different ways to communicate online and we considered what is respectful online behaviour. We linked this to respectful face to face behaviour too.





Friday 7th October 2022

This week, we have enjoyed carrying out science experiments with light. We made light beams travel to hit a target using torches and some of us changed the direction of the beam by using mirrors.

In English, we wrote contrasting diary entries to show how the character of Mr Tom changed from when Willie first arrived to when he felt more comfortable. 

In art, we designed Christmas cards. We also prepared the year 6 contribution to the whole school hall display by designing our own emojis. 

In maths, we have continued looking at different properties of numbers including squared numbers, cubed numbers and prime numbers.



Friday 30th September 2022

We have baked and eaten carrot cake this week, using a war-time recipe as carrots were used as a sugar substitute to add sweetness. It wasn't to all of our tastes but there wasn't much left! We will be doing some more war-time cookery in the coming weeks....

In English, we have written instructions on how to build an Anderson shelter and we have explored the difference between active and passive sentences.

In maths, we have identified and worked with factors and multiples and we have started to look at prime numbers. We have explored different tests of divisibility and now know a quick way of telling if any number can be divided by 3 (amongst others).

In RE this week, we discussed how Muslims show commitment to God by giving to charity and we took part in drama to show this (see photos).





Friday 23rd September 2022

This week, year 6 have had their first class trip in a number of years thanks to COVID and we were all very excited to be going on a coach to Hazard Alley in Milton Keynes. We experienced a number of situations where we had to answer questions and make decisions about how to keep ourselves and others safe. These included railway lines, water safety, online safety and safety in the home. We all made 999 calls and we had to remember the information we needed to tell the operator as well as the instructions to take back to the group. When we got back to school, we discussed how we should only make 999 calls in an emergency.

This week, we have also had elections in school for the house captains and Head Boy and Head Girl. The children had written fantastic letters of application and they read these out to their house and to their class. They should all be very proud of themselves.

Lots of the children had watched part of the Queen’s funeral on Monday and we had a good discussion about this. The adults were amazed at how much the children had noticed.

In our learning, we have continued with large numbers in maths including rounding these. We have also looked at negative numbers. In English, we have written letters in the role of different characters and we have edited and improved our own work, ready for a display. In RE, we discussed how Muslims show commitment to God through prayer and in History, we have explored reasons why WWII started.



Friday 16th September 2023

We have had a very busy start to Year 6.

Last week, we enjoyed starting our new topics, especially World War II and we are thoroughly enjoying reading Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. We have already written letters as one of the characters from the book and we have discussed what it may have been like to be an evacuee. We have also started our Science topic, light and we enjoyed looking up the meanings of some of the new vocabulary using the ipads.  In maths, we have been exploring place value and ordering numbers up to 10 000 000.

This week, we have completed the 11+ and we have also met our buddies. We enjoyed spending some time with them on Thursday afternoon, as the photos below show. Mrs Stewart spoke to us about applications for Head Boy and Head Girl and also for House Captains so some of us have letters to write over the weekend....