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Longest Sweet Mufti Day

A little earlier than normal, we bring you 'Longest Sweet Mufti Day'. Children will be invited to come into school in full mufti on Thursday 19th October.

In exchange we ask that the children bring in long sweets and chocolates (no nuts). These will then be laid out around the school in house group lines and the houses will be awarded house points for the length of their lines (100 points for the house with the longest line).

These treats will then be used for one of the stalls at the Christmas Market (Friday 1st December) so we ask that they are all in date until the end of the year. You are welcome to provide as many sweets/chocolates as you would like - we know that secretly the parents are just as competitive as the children - but we ask that they are all kept as individual items and not taped together (it takes us a very long time to unstick them all).

Follow this link to see the incredible lines from last year!