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Ofsted Inspection Grading

We have great pleasure in being able to share with you the outcome of the Ofsted Inspection which took place at the school between 21st and 22nd February 2023. You will find the report attached beneath this article.

We believe our report has been delayed in its publication due to the tragic death of a Headteacher following an Inspection in Surrey.  

Our Inspection, while only lasting 2 days, was very robust and thorough in considering all aspects of our school. This was however classed as an ungraded inspection as we were already a ‘Good’ school. This means judgements have not been given for each area but an overall judgement that we remain a ‘Good’ school. We feel this is a true reflection of the dedication and commitment shown by every member of the Stoke Mandeville team, who always work hard.

The area which has been identified for improvement was already part of our school improvement plan. We however will not simply focus on this area and will continue to be ambitious for every child and provide the best education possible!

Thank you for all your ongoing support as we continue to be a ‘Good’ school!

Mrs E Stewart and Mr R Buttery

Headteacher and Chair of Governors