Sports News

Football vs. Cuddington and Dinton 20th November 2019
Yesterday the Stoke Mandeville football team played a league match.  The team was made up of Adam, Mickey, Archie, Jared, Sam, Dakarai, Shane, Aryan, Louis and Tom.  In the first half it was very close.  After a few minutes of play Dakarai had a great chance but the ball got stuck in the mud.  When the other team player got the ball they had a great attack and scored.  A few minutes later Jared had a shot which hit the post and Dakarai smashed it in on the rebound.  After that the opposition scored two goals and that was the end of the first half with the score on 3-1 to the other team.
The team was doing very well.  When the second half started the opposition had a good start and they scored again to make it 4-1, but we didn't give up.  We kept our heads up and kept going.  Sadly the other team scored another two goals to make it 6-1 and that was the end of the match.  We would like to say well done to the whole team for trying their best.  We also want to say thank you to Miss Daly for training us for for everyone who came to support including the parents.
Netball vs. Aylesbury Vale Academy 19th November 2019
The team was me, Lydia, Phoebe T, Ava, Phoebe H, Jemima and Alfie.  In the first quarter we were doing well because Jemima scored a goal but very soon after AVA scored 2 goals.
In the second quarter AVA kept going and scored 1 goal.
In the 3rd quarter we were trying our best to score but we didn't, AVA scored another goal.
In the last quarter our defending rised because we stopped AVA from scoring but we didn't score either.
The final score was 4-1 to AVA.  We would like to thank the teachers and Peggysue for supporting us and well done to Alfie for getting man of the match.
Netball Match - Away vs. Stone 07/11/19
Yesterday we played Stone in an away match.  the team was Phoebe T, Phoebe H, Alfie, Alana, Ava, Lydia, Jemima and Cara.  In the first quarter Stone scored 8 in only 6 minutes.  We tried to score but we couldn't because they were very good at defending.
In the second quarter it was very good for us because we scored twice by Phoebe T and Alfie.  But then things turned around and they scored another two.
Them the third quarter we didn't have much luck but neither did they.  It was just a quarter of running back and forth.
Unfortunately in the final quarter Stone scored another one.  But Lydia luckily scored another two goals.  This left the match 11-4 to Stone.  Would would like to thank Miss Telfer for coaching us and Mr Charlton for driving us.  Finally well done to Jemima for getting player of the match.  Even though we lost we had a lot of fun.
Netball vs. Ashmead 26/03/19
The netball team played a match against Ashmead.  The team was Max, Imogen, Ellie, Katie, Phoebe and Alana.
In the first quarter, no goals were scored by either team.  We defended brilliantly though.
In the second quarter, we came ahead with Ellie scoring a great goal to make it 1-0.
In the third quarter Ashmead scored a goal to make it 1-1.  We had many opportunities but unfortunately we didn't score.
In the fourth quarter Max scored a goal to make it 2-1.  Soon after Ashmead scored a goal to make it 2-2.
We want to give a big thank you to Miss Telfer who supported us and the team played excellently!
Tennis Tournament 27/03/19
One Wednesday 27th March Archie, Rayane and myself went to Halton Tennis Club in the minibus to play tennis with five other local schools.
First we were paired up with another school and had to bounce a ball with a racquet onto another ball balanced on a cone.  This was quite hard.  Then, we played over the net.
We then had to hit a ball into a hoop as many times as you can.  We almost scored 15.  After that, we practiced volleys and serves.
Finally we played a small game of 'Across the River' where the instructor had to roll a ball at our legs to get us out.  We didn't get out!
We enjoyed the day and would like to go back again for a big festival in July, we also made new friends.
Football vs. Cuddington and Dinton 25/03/19
SMCS played a match against Cuddington and Dinton.  In the first half SMCS walked on the pitch feeling confident.  As Cuddington kicked off they had great possession which led them to score a BANGER 7 minutes later but we kept our hopes high for the second half.
In the second half we kicked off and kept possession and applied pressure.  What felt like years of battling, Max managed to dribble into the box and score a magnificent equaliser.  After the equaliser we all tried our hardest to score another but unfortunately the ref blew the final whistle.
In the end the score was 1-1.
Basketball Festival January 24th 2019
Yesterday afternoon we played a basketball festival at the Grammar School. The team was myself, Max, Immy, Ruby, Jack, Benito, Lydia, Phoebe, Declan, Jay D, Micky and Emily.
In the first quarter we played against Thomas Hickman but no goals were scored by us.
Straight after, we played against our biggest competitors Bedgrove.  In the first half (with the girls) Lydia scored one goal.  However they scored more hoops that us.
When we played against Wendover we were able to score two goals thanks to Immy and I.  Howeverm they scored 3.  The boys were dribbling like made but sadly didn't score any goals.
In our final game we played against Bierton.  In the girl's half Ellie was able to score two goals and the girls were so good at defending that Bierton weren't able to score.  In the boy's half Benito was able to score a goal with an assist from Max.
A very well done to all the team even though we didn't win.  Better luck next time!
Football vs. Bedgrove
The team was me (Mickey), Sam, Harry, Freddie, Max, Benito, Finley, Zach.  Sadly Jared could not make it so a special thanks to Sam for going in goal.  We were allowed kick off because they chose the non-ditch end of the pitch.  With a minute into the game mickey pressured them out of play and we had our first corner.  With a great ball by Max into the box the ball was headed into the goal by Freddie.
We felt strong, but Bedgrove made a quick comeback and with Sam's boots getting stuck in a ditch he couldn't dive as the ball flew into the goal.  At half time the score was 1-1.
We entered the second half ready for anything they threw at us.  The team did well but Bedgrove pressured us and scored.  It was a good game but sadly we lost 2-1.  We would like to thank Miss Daly for coaching us.
Netball vs Buckingham Park 06/11/18
On Tuesday 6th of November, the school netball team went to Buckingham Park to play a netball match.  The team was Max, Imogen, Katie, Ellie, Hannah E, Hannah G, Charlotte, Alana, Olivia and Phoebe.  In the first quarter, Max luckily scored but they scored as well to make it 1-1.  In the next quarter they scored two goals to make it 3-1 to them.  In the third quarter, Max scored another goal as well as them but we carried on just as Miss Telfer said.  In the last quarter, unluckily they scored four more. Sadly, the final was 8-2 but they were very tall.  All well domes to the team and we will hopefully win our next match.

Football vs. William Harding 01/11/18

On Thursday the 1st of November we had a football match against William Harding.  The people on our team were Max, Freddie, Finley, Oliver, Jack, Mickey, Sam, Cezar, Jared and I.  It was a really good game with Max scoring the first goal.  We felt like we were going to win then William Harding got frustrated and scored a goal we knew we had to make up for it we tried as hard as we could to score another goal and working as hard as we can Mickey managed to score a goal.  Just before the whistle blew for half time with 1 minute remaining they managed to score another goal.  After half time we went back on the pitch and give it all our might but just as we went back on William Harding managed to score another goal and believing in ourselves 1 second before the whistle blew for full time Max scored.  Because it was a draw we had extra time, we tried as hard as we can to not let them score but unfortunately they scored.  The end score was 4-3 to William Harding.

Zac Year 6

Netball vs. Berryfields 31/10/18
On the 31st of October we participated in a netball match, we played against Berryfields.  The team was me, Hannah, Charlotte, Max, Olivia, Katie, Emily, Phoebe, Alana and Hannah.
The first quarter we sadly lost 1-0.
In the second quarter, Max had many chances to score.  Eventually he had a well deserved score, so the score was now 1-1.
In the third quarter we were able to score twice thanks to Hannah and Emily.
In the fourth quarter we not Berryfields were able to score any goals.  Due to that we won 3-1 to us.  However Berryfields did extremely well due to they had 7 year 4's and 2 year 5's.
Some highlights - Miss Telfer fell over in excitement over Phoebe and a special well done to everyone on the team, especially Max for being the only boy.
Haddenham Football Tournament October 2018
vs. Brill
We all arrived at the tournament in torrential weather.  After watching the first game Miss Daly arrived.  We did some warm ups and then we were on in our first game.  We got the kick off the the ref blew his whistle and the game was off.  Max pushed the ball unluckily we were tackled, they charged up the pitch passed and scored.  It was like that for a bit and at half time we were 3-0 down.  We kept our heads up and carried on, sadly the final score was 6-0 to Brill.  The team was Finley, Zac, Max, Jack, Me, Mickey, Jared, Jay D, Archie and Cezar.  Our format was 1 keeper, 2 defense, 2 wingers, 1 midfield, 1 striker.
vs. Haddenham
At the flip of the coin Haddenham got kick off.   We got off to a cracking start applying a lot of pressure to the other side, unfortunately they scored in the bottom corner of the goal.  At half time the score was 1-0 to Haddenham.  We kept playing with courage and passion.  Sadly at the end of the game we lost 3-0.
vs. Bedgrove
Amazingly we got kick-off again.  Max passed and we were off.  I flicked the ball over my head, Finley received it unluckily we got tackled.  They headed up the wing and accidentally Zac made a hard tackle which led to a penalty.  We were all relying on Jared - he sprung up and miraculously they hit it over the crossbar.  We were doing well to stay at 0-0 but unfortunately by the final whistle it was 2-0. 
We didn't win any of our games but that doesn't matter because we all enjoyed our trip to the Haddenham Festival.
We set off to the Mandeville school determined and willing to win.  The following players that went were Cesar, Freddie, Max, olly, Benito, Jared, Jack, Mickey, Sam and Harry.  Open minded, we started warming up on the side of the pitch practising the skills we had been going through over the past few lunchtimes.  After waiting a game, we were finally announced onto the pitch.
Immediately after the whistle was blown we pressured them in an attacking style of play.  After a mouthwatering first half we came off delighted with our play but neither team were yet to score a goal.  Once again we were underway with the game.  Unfortunately, Thomas Hickman scored a late goal to give them the victory.
After three games we had one win but sadly two losses, but with Max scoring two great goals and Jared being a beast and saving everything in his path we were still eager to win our last game.  Building up to this game we thought that Wendover was our hardest opponent.  Unfortunately Jared got winded but was determined to keep playing yet again they scored a late goal.  
Everyone in this team gave 110% and we all had fun.  All of us want to say thank you to Miss Daly and Mr Charlton for bringing us to the tournament.  We are very grateful.
Stone vs Stoke Mandeville 26th April 2018
We headed to Stone excited but sad as this was to be our last football match of the season.
The team was:  Sam, Ryan, Toby A, Max, Daniel, Lewis, Ross, Zac and me.  The weather was kind to us as we kicked off for the first half.  We started off as the better team, however a quick attacking move saw Stone score in the first few minutes of the game.  We were all very disappointed, but we still had several chances to score in the first half.  As the half time whistle blew, our heads were down and our boots were heavy, but Miss Daly still believed in us and we headed back out on the pitch determined to score.  In the second half we still had lots of shots on goal but it seemed impossible to score past their impenetrable defense.  We persevered and carried on until the final whistle blew; the final score was 1-0 to Stone.  It was a bit of a disappointing end to the season, but we were all very proud of what we had achieved and have enjoyed playing together immensely.  We had a number of Year 5 playing up this season and they will help to form a strong team next year. So if you fancy being involved next year, get practising over the summer and who knows, it could be you in the team.
Finally, the team would like to say a big thank you to Miss Daly for arranging and supporting us at matches and for all our mini bus chauffeurs.
By Harry Year 6 - Footballer and Sports Journalist
Swimming Festival 08/03/18
On Thursday 8th March some people were taken out of their classes to do a swimming gala.  The people were Natalie, Freddie, Lily, Zara, Ruben, Keiran, Calvin, Katie, Hannah and I.  Also Rebecca, Harry, Toby, Megan, Evie and Daniel.  We were sorted into groups of confident and un-confident swimmers.  The confident swimmers swam 25m backstroke first, followed by 25m breaststroke then 25m front crawl and to top it off we did a few relays.  The un-confident swimmers swam a width of the pool using floats, kickboards and floating balls.  After that we ate our lunch and came back to school.
Netball vs Stone 08/03/18
Yesterday we had a netball match at Stone School.  We had a good team which was me (Ruby), Evie, Ella, Megan, James, Robert and Kaitlyn.  It was a tough match. We played the match in 4 quarters and in the first quarter the scores were tied 1-1.  Our 2nd quarter was amazing as now we were 4-1 up/  In the next quarter it was very intense as the scores became even at 4-4. In our last quarter our luck died out as they got 2 more goals to make the score 6-4 to Stone.  We think that James was the best player as he amazingly scored all 4 of our goals.  Well done to all the players.  We are lucky to have you all on our team.
Evie and Ruby Year 6
Netball - SMCS vs. St Marys C of E
On Thursday 25th January we had our first netball match against St Marys C of E School.  Our team was me (Evie), Rebecca, Ruby, Ella, Robert, James, Harry, Megan, Hannah and Ellie.  It was torrential conditions.  The match was in 4 quarters.  In the first quarter they were winning 2-1.  At this time it was pouring down.  In the second quarter it was dry and the score was 3-2 to us.  Quarter three it was the same and it was hailing.  Finally the fourth quarter.  Ella and Ellie scored so it was 5-2.  Our first match, our first win.  Our other scorers were me (Evie) and James who scored 2.
Evie and Rebecca Year 6
Football Festival 30/11/17
Yesterday, Stoke Mandeville Combined School went to play an awesome Football Festival at The Mandeville School!
Our first match was against Haydon Abbey 1.  The first five minutes saw frantic play as we found ourselves 1-0 up from a brilliant goal from Max!  Although the last few minutes they fought back to draw 1-1.
Afterwards, we played two extreme matches!  As we won both games 1-0 to give us hope to win our next few.
After that, we had a break to get our energy back!
Our next match, we found ourselves playing Bierton!  We played out of our skin (but not literally).  We beat the 6-0.  HOORAY!!!
Our furthermore match was against Thomas Hickman 2!  Unluckily in the opening few minutes, we conceded a goal.  But we pulled ourselves together and that's what we did from Lewis with a header!  Unfortunately, they score a goal in the dying seconds!
The final two we desperately wanted to win so we set out destruction to win two terrific matches!  We one one 7-0 and the next 3-0!
A big thank you though to Miss Daly for supporting us on the way and Mr Charlton for taking us the mini bus.  Thank you for reading.
Max and Freddie Year 5
Basketball Tournament
On Thursday the 11th January a group of children from Years 5 & 6 went to a basketball festival.
We played four games altogether.  The teams we played were Bedgrove (teams 1 & 2), Haydon Abbey and Bierton.  We won three and lost one.  We came second overall which is good.
Benito and Max Year 5
SMCS vs. Brookmead
On Tuesday 7th November, a wet afternoon meets a shocking result.  Stoke Mandeville tried their best but with no subs we were extremely tired.  In our part matches, we have lacked on communication.
As the game started, Brookmead kicked off.  Max had to run straight up behind the last defender, as he was the striker.   Freddie and Ryan were on the wings, Sam was in the centre of our team.  Saniel and harry were playing in defence and Ross was playing in goal.  Brookmead got a lot of shots on goal but weren't able to score until a goal 5 minutes into the match.  After that, we had a few shots and it was half time.
As the second half began, we had the kick off and played the same positions as before.  Unfortunately, they scored quite early into the second half, that was quite annoying and unlucky for us.  After that third centre kick from us, Sam was using his skills to try and get the ball up to Max but when the ball was there, the keeper kept intercepting it.  Once Brookmead made a sub, someone on their team ran the whole way up the pitch, got a corner, then scored.  Unlucky! After that, the game ended, we shook hands and ate some biscuits.
Max, Year 5
Cross Country 04/11/17
Many people took place in the Cross Country race on the 4th November and some people even got medals!  People from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 could take part in the race although we don't have a big team we still achieved good scores for our school and we also had some very fast runners on our team.  Although on the Year 5 team we only had 2 running (Freddie and I) Freddie came 3rd and I came 16th and Jasmine came 1st in the Year 3 race.  It was a cold wet morning and the grass was wet but that didn't stop us from running.  Personally I think loads of other schools including me went too fast at the start and got worn out but the middle part was quite hard but we achieved it because we are Stoke Mandeville.
Jack Year 5
Football Tournament 12/10/17
by Harry Year 6
On a beautiful autumnal morning, Stoke Mandeville football headed to Haddenham hoping for and expecting success.  We made it through the group stages with a 2-0 win over Cheddington, a 1-1- draw against Ashmead and a 0-0 draw against William Harding.
We made it to the semi-finals and we were to play Bedgrove.  It was a great semi-final with great defending, excellent midfield, brilliant saves from the goalkeepers and outstanding attacking.  Neither team were able to get the ball in the back of the net, so we had to go down to penalties.  Unfortunately we lost the penalty shoot-out.  It felt a bit bitter at first, but we all played extremely well and what fun we had!
SMCS vs Halton 12/10/17
As we stood in our positions, our legs were shaking in excitement.  The shrill tone of the whistle echoed around the pitch as the match had begun.  The first 5 minutes saw frenetic play.  Unfortunately we found ourselves 1-0 down.  Being 1-0 down focussed our minds as we started to play more as a team.  The result of which saw us starting to out the goals in.  At half time we were 3-1 up, as a result of great team spirit and teamwork.  We started the second half positively as we put in another four goals.  The score ended 7-1 to us and everyone had a great afternoon.  Now we are looking forward to our next match.
Freddie Year 5
SMCS vs Cuddington and Dinton 23/11/17
Yesterday on 23rd November the school football team played a football match against Cuddington.  The first goal I ran down the wing, crossed it into Sam and he scored.  The second goal was I passed it to Ryan he passed it to Sam and scored.  The last goal was Sam skilled out the defenders and scored from the right side of the goal.  The overall score was 3-0 to Stoke Mandeville.  Thanks for reading.  Well played guys!
The people who played in the match:
Ross - Goalie
Daniel - Left back
Harry - Right back
Freddie - Left mid
Me - Right mid
Sam - Centre mid
Ryan and Max - Strikers
Lewis Year 6
SMCS vs Haddenham 15/03/18
On Thursday 15th March, Stoke Mandeville played Haddenham in a football match.  The team was Freddie, Harry, Sam, Ryan, Lewis, Toby A, Zac, Daniel and Max.
In the first half, we had a few shots then luckily Sam got the ball through to me and lobbed it over the keeper and scored.  That made it 1-0.
In the second half, we had an early opportunity.  Sam ran down the middle, had a shot and deflected off the defender and scored.  After that, unluckily they scored.  After a few minutes the game was over.
The final score was 2-1 to Stoke Mandeville.
Max Year 5
Basketball Tournament 4/03/19
On Monday the 4th March Years 3 and 4 went to compete at a basketball tournament with Miss Daly. The team was Jemima, Evie, Aryan, Shane, Shreyas, Ellie, Fraser, George, Coral and me.  In the first match team A were playing Thomas Hickman.  They were me, Jasmin, Aryan, Ellie and Frazer.  Then Team B came on and played the second half.  Unfortunately the other team won 6-2.
On the next game we played against Turnfurlong.  They won 6-0.
The next game was very hard, Bedgrove won 9-0.
Next we had a break.
After that we were ready to win.  We were against Bierton.  We drew 1-1.
After that amazing match we were against Ashmead, it was brillint.  The only thing was we drew 2-2.
The next match we were against Wendover, we lost 3-2.  We all waited for the scores to be called out.  It was intense.  We ended up coming 7th.
We tried our best, we'd like to thank Miss Daly and Mr Charlton for taking us to this opportunity.