Sports at SMCS

Sporting Excellence and PE at SMCS


Our school aim at SMCS is to encourage children to have enthusiasm, joy, love and motivation to be physically active, while understanding its value in a healthy lifestyle.  We strive to build on a ‘have a go’ attitude and develop a natural competitiveness in sports, on an individual and competition level.  We want to provide children with a wide variety of opportunities to try out new sports through taster sessions, workshops and festivals.  We regularly ask children about their opportunities in sports and to choose the PE topics they want to study and develop a curriculum that they want. 


Please see our Sports News and Sports Funding page for more information on how we use our sports premium and how children participate in sport at SMCS.


Sports Game Mark - GOLD


We are very proud to have won the School Sports Game Gold Award for the 16-17 Academic year and hope to continue and build on our accomplishments in sport at SMCS.


New Government 60 Active Minutes Initiative


Did you know that scientific evidence shows that the younger generation will live five years less than the current generation of adults? The research also states that active children achieve better academically and are happier.  Incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity each day will allow every child in school the opportunity to leave Key Stage 2 happy in body and mind.  Something needs to change now, as new statistics show that 1 in 3 children leave Primary school overweight or obese.  The new government policy for ‘Achieving 60 active minutes for every child’ came into effect earlier this year and we are doing our part at SMCS by incorporating an additional 30 minutes of activity into the school day.  As part of our commitment we have also introduced a new way of running our Change 4 Life club at lunchtimes and the way in which we use our Sports Leaders.


If you would like to read the evidence for yourself, please visit the following link: