Key Stages 1 & 2

Teaching at Stoke Mandeville is governed by the National Curriculum.  This is a framework used by all schools to ensure that teaching is balanced and consistent.

The National Curriculum sets out the subjects taught, the knowledge, skills and understanding required and standards and attainment in all of the subjects.

The National Curriculum is divided into blocks of learning, known as key stages:

Year 1 and 2 are known as Key Stage 1 (KS1)
Years 3 to 6 are known as Key Stage 2 (KS2)

The National Curriculum covers a number of subjects. These subjects are as follows:

English, Maths, Science;

Art & Design, Citizenship, Design & Technology, Modern Foreign Language, Music, PE, Geography, History, ICT, PSHE and RE.

A modern foreign language is only taught in Key Stage 2 and at our school, the language taught is French.

You have the right to withdraw you child from all or part of the RE curriculum. If you have concerns about the content of this area of the curriculum,  please discuss your concerns with the Headteacher.

Although content is important and is taught according to National Curriculum requirements, skills and attitudes can be developed whatever the content and the development of skills is our focus. Skills are the foundation of whatever the child may learn next. Primary education is not just about targets and results in league tables, nor is it simply a preparatory step for secondary school; it is much more than that. As a school we believe that by developing skills in a stimulating, enjoyable environment, we help children develop as individuals. We want children to have a memorable experience that encourages and inspires them to achieve in life and to aim to exceed their potential. We hope to foster the attitude of wanting to learn as well as needing to learn.