We feel strongly that your child’s learning experience is greatly enhanced if school and family work together. Homework is an important part of creating a partnership between you and school.

Homework is also an important way of developing your child’s learning skills. It can:

develop good working habits and self-discipline
encourage skills and attitudes that help children improve their educational performance
allow your child to express their individual approach to a subject
give you a chance to take part in your child’s learning.
Homework does not simply mean sitting down with work sent home by a teacher. It includes lots of other activities that enhance your child’s learning in an enjoyable way. Reading together, learning the words to a song, finding out more about a particular topic, or practising a particular skill, are all part of learning at home.

At the start of the autumn term, your child’s class teacher will give you information concerning homework – what will be set, how much time, etc. Often, weekly homework will be set by the class teacher to complement the class work that week.

Please be sure to talk to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about homework exercises, or if your child is finding homework difficult.

The aim is to provide a progression from play-based, open-ended activities in Years 1 and 2 through to more structured work in preparation for what your child can expect at Secondary School.