ARP for Hearing Impairment

The Additionally Resourced Provision for Hearing Impaired Children (HI-ARP)

The HI-ARP is an integral part of the school.  It has a positive influence on all pupils, deaf and hearing and the whole school community.  The close relationships which develop from this enable children and adults to better understand each other’s needs. This has been a significant factor in establishing the caring ethos which is evident in our school.  The HI-ARP has an open door policy where parents can approach staff for advice and support regarding any issues relating to their child.

Language and Communication

The Additionally Resourced Provision for Hearing Impaired Children (HI-ARP) caters for children aged 4-11 with a hearing impairment.  It provides specialist teaching, support assistants and Speech and Language Therapy.  We use a total communication approach as required by.  this encompasses spoken English, sign Supported English (SSE) or British Sign Language (BSL).


Children are fully included in the school; they are taught in their mainstream classes and at times may be taught in the HI-ARP in small groups or individually, depending on their needs. Within the HI-ARP there are Teachers of the Deaf,  and a team of Specialist Teaching Assistants.  The teachers in the HI-ARP assess the needs of the children, oversee all programmes of work, provide specialist teaching and work with the mainstream teachers.  This involves adapting the curriculum; providing advice and  information; working in partnership with other professionals including audiologists and cochlear implant teams; and providing Deaf awareness training to staff.  There is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who provides therapy on an individual and small group basis.

Personal Amplification and Technology

The children’s personal amplification – hearing aids and cochlear implants are monitored on a daily basis. In addition, children are provided with radio aids and there is a soundfield system installed in the classrooms and hall which benefits both deaf and hearing children.

British Sign Language

Pupils in the HI-ARP benefit from weekly BSL sessions from a profoundly deaf tutor.  This also allows them to have contact with a deaf role model.


Twice a year pupils and staff from the HI-ARP go on a trip together.  This helps the pupils bond with their deaf peers.  Recent trips have included the  Waddeson Manor, Warwick Castle, Southend on Sea and Gullivers Land.

Some of the KS2 HI-ARP pupils have also had the opportunity to participate in deaf sports activities with deaf pupils from other schools.

The Team

Mrs E Tattersall - Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs M Dynos - Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs H Stoneley - Specialist Speech and Language Therapist