Day Trips

At various times during the year your child may go on a school trip or take part in an additional activity in school. These activities complement the learning taking place in school and are a great way of engaging children with the curriculum content.

Some of these visits will be local; For example, Year 2 children might walk to the church in Stoke Mandeville.

Other visits may be further and the school minibus or local coach companies will be used. All transport is equipped with seat belts.

Teachers planning to undertake such activities will consult with the Headteacher. They produce a detailed plan and risk assessment which has to be approved either by the Headteacher or by Bucks County Council.  A letter will be sent home in advance of the trip with details of the cost, transport arrangements, time of departure and time of return.  The letter will also include a consent form and you will be asked to sign it and return it to the class teacher. Without your signed consent, your child will not be able to go on the trip.

Any money needs to be sent to school in a named envelope with details of your child’s name, trip, amount and class teacher. The school encourages all children to take part in these activities.  If you have any concerns about the activity please contact your child’s class teacher or the Headteacher.