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Science Trip - Parent feedback

Thank you for taking them on the trip. It sounds like they’ve had a very exciting day! E hasn’t stopped talking about it and going on the top deck of the coach made her day!

 Thank you so much to all the staff organising and running the trip today. As Miss Poole said, 3 years in the making but what a day! The build up the children have been so excited and A talked non stop in the days leading up to it and when he got picked up then when I got home from work I got the full low down! Amazing. Thank you everyone!

Wanted to pass on my thanks to all that were involved in the y2/3 trip today. A has been raving non stop all week about it, so excited to go.
Upon returning he spoke at length of everything he did; the hand on science, making inventions, making lights and inventing things.
Sounds like they had a fantastic time. Thankyou so much for organising and for keeping the love of science curiosity flowing.