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What are we Learning?

21st January

This week, we have started to read the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We have discussed the nicknames of the boys at Camp Green Lake and what conditions there are like for them. Hopefully Stanley will make some good friends and manage to avoid the yellow-spotted lizards!

We have continued with our filming in computing and some of us interviewed Mrs Stewart about her dog. Some children are using the skills they have picked up in music, using Garage Band to make background music for their film.

During French, we recalled the vocabulary associated with the story, 'L'anniversaire de la tortue' which we read earlier in the term. We discussed the different forms of the verb 'aller' which means 'to go'.

We enjoyed breaking the rules on Friday!

This is our Highwayman display which is outside Mrs Stewart's office.



14th January

In RE this week, we considered the question: 'Is anything eternal?' The children had the most amazing ideas and the discussions we had included items such as 'friendship, truth, love, God, the oceans, numbers'. All of these suggestions were from the children themselves.

During English, we continued our study of The Highwayman and we have written accounts for the display outside Mrs Stewart's office. Abbie and Coral also designed the heading for the display.

In PE, we continued our tag rugby skills and mini games. In addition to this, Mr Cole showed us some badminton skills and we practised hitting the shuttlecock over the net to score points in different target areas.


7th January

Happy New Year!

This week we have started our topic of Biomes and we have been researching a biome using the ipads.

We have also started reading The Highwayman, a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes. 

In computing we have started planning a short film which we ae going to produce in groups. Hollywood watch out!

10th December

During RE this week, we have thought about what Christmas means to Christians and how traditions followed help Christians to celebrate what it means to them. We considered whether it is acceptable to celebrate Christmas even if you are not a Christian and the overwhelming majority of us agreed it was, as it is a time to share with families and friends. We created artwork (some of which was quite abstract) which combined the thoughts of God as a heavenly being and Jesus as a human representation. 

In English, we have used lots of figurative language to describe a Christmas scene. We have used pathetic fallacy, metaphors and the power of three. We discussed how to avoid using similes which are cliches.

Our maths work has continued on the theme of fractions and decimals which is an important part of the year 6 curriculum. We have used division to find decimal equivalents to some fractions.

In DT, we have been constructing boxes (for a gas mask). Many of us found this challenging: measuring, cutting accurately and sticking. Some children showed real resilience during this process and should be very proud of themselves.


3rd December

It has been an exciting week with the start of December and all it has brought: advent calendars, chocolate, Christingle and making decorations for the Christmas Fair. 

We have based our English work this week on an advert from a few years ago: The Christmas Truce which was shown by a well-known supermarket. We have written diaries and letters in character using empathy and a variety of sentence structures.

We have used fractions to multiply and divide this week, some of us actually finding it a bit easier than adding and subtracting. Our times tables knowledge has come in very useful. 

The children were well-behaved walking to the church for the Christingle service and we were very proud of Cameron and Joshua who read the Bible passages so beautifully. Those children in the signed singing choir were also great role models.



26th November

We have welcomed Mr Davey into our class this week. Mrs Tong and Mr Davey are working together to  plan and teach our lessons. 

We have completed our termly tests on grammar, reading and maths. The teachers have been impressed with how we have approached these. 

In English, we have been reading the story of Rose Blanche and using our knowledge of WWII to predict what may happen next. We have also written accounts and revised the use of inverted commas for speech.

In maths, some of us have been practising ur measuring skills and linking units of measure. Others have continued with fraction calculations including problem solving.

Using the ipads, we have created formulae on sheets so that we can calculate costs and distances more easily.

On Friday afternoon, we all went outside briefly during the exciting hail stone storm! (see photos below)



19th November

This week, we have been thinking about hurtful behaviour and bullying along with the rest of the school. We have taken part in role plays and discussed the impact of the Internet. 

In maths, we have continued with fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and fixed numbers. We have also solved puzzles and problems relating to this. Most of us show our working clearly too which makes Mrs Tong happy!

In History, we continued with our code breaking skills, just like the clever people at 'Station X' (Bletchley Park) during the war. We have learnt how to use the Pig Pen Code this week.

In groups, we have planned our stalls for the Pudsey Fair in aid of Children in Need. We have enjoyed doing this and planning the games and prizes too. Mrs Tong even had a giant teddy bear sitting in her chair for most of Thursday.


12th November

The children were incredibly respectful during our remembrance work and made thoughtful and empathetic comments when we discussed 'In Flanders Fields'.  One comment included 'This touching poem encourages people to think deeply about their actions and to maintain respect and reflection throughout their lives'. This is something we should all strive for.

This week, we have been showing our competitive side when taking part in the Times Table Rock stars competition. At the time of writing, year 6 were proudly at the top of SMCS's results table (as they should be as they are the oldest!). Well done to all the children for their efforts. W took part in lots of practical activities as part of Maths week (see the photos)

In computing, we enjoyed creating spreadsheets about visitor attractions such as Legoland and Alton Towers. During PE, we have measured how far we can hit a plastic ball with a cricket bat so we can send out results to the Mandeville School to be entered into their competition. Fingers crossed.....!





5th November

After a relaxing half term, we have got back into our learning very quickly. We have also said goodbye to one of our class and welcomed someone new.  

On Thursday we spent most of the afternoon outside, playing basket ball and also carrying out a listening walk around the school for our 'Take learning outside' activity. Apart from children's voices, we heard lots of sounds created by nature. We really enjoyed being silent and drawing what we could hear.

In English, we have based our learning on Black History week, learning about the influence of Harriet Tubman in tackling slavery. We have also learnt about a modern inspirational Nigerian, Ade Adepitan, who has played basket ball for Great Britain and also written children's books in addition to presenting on television.

Our maths work has focussed on fractions and finding equivalent fractions. We have played some interactive games too using this skill.



22nd October

This week, we have written and performed play scripts based on our novel. There have been some very convincing performances! We also created calligrams in English, depicting the characters using words (see the attached photos).

In science, we looked at how water ca change the way we see things. The straws we put in the water appeared to bend and when we placed arrows behind the glass of water, that appeared to change direction! We experimented with lots of different images.

In art made clay 'medals' which we had designed based on those awarded during World War II. We were able to use different tools to create different effects. 

We really enjoyed showing our parents our work on Tuesday after school and Wednesday morning before school.



15th October

Year 6 have continued their work on Goodnight Mr Tom this week. We have looked at the relationships between the characters and completed diagrams to show these. We have also Looked at evidence to show how Willie's mother was unkind and how Mr Tom was the complete opposite. We have enjoyed watching extracts from the film too.

The homework which has been set over several weeks to build an Anderson shelter has already started to be posted and so far we have seen some great examples made of cake, lego and playdough.

During maths, we have applied our times tables knowledge to investigations into factors, multiples and prime numbers.

In science, we continued our work on light and we managed to write our names in mirror writing. We also took our mirrors around the school to practise placing them so we could see round corners!

8th October

In Science this week, we used coloured cellophane to investigate light when it is shone through them. The teachers kindly ate a box of well-known chocolates so that we could carry out our tests. We also created shadow pictures using our hands and a selection of items collected from the school field.

In English, we continued reading our novel and also started to watch some of the film so we could compare events. The teachers were amazed at how observant everyone was! We also completed a piece of extended writing, imagining that the two main characters were caught in a raid and had to take cover in the Anderson shelter. We are going to edit these next week.

During Skills for life, we have found out about the work of different humanitarian charities who work to ensure basic human rights such as shelter and food are met around the world.

Maths this week has been more division and multiplication and the use of factors to divide by trickier numbers.





1st October 2021

We have enjoyed writing diaries in character this week, showing how a character can change over time. We have also started to use the language that different characters use. It has been great to visit the library and many of us have borrowed fiction and non-fiction books to read for pleasure.

During art, we have experimented with shading and we have used paints to depict poppies and field scenes.

After a mastering long multiplication, we have moved onto division this week and our times tables knowledge has proved important for this too. We have learnt to express remainders in different forms and also to interpret them correctly in problem-solving situations. 

In French, we have been learning how to describe different school subjects and how to pronounce them correctly.

24th September 2021

This week, we have been experimenting with light and proving it travels in straight lines (see our photos).

We have also continued to read Goodnight Mr Tom and we have met a new character, Zach, who seems like an interesting chap! Our character descriptions have included metaphors and sentences which 'show, not tell'.

The children have worked extremely hard on mastering long multiplication and everyone feels much more confident with this now. It has been a week of hard work but with excellent results.

We enjoyed Spanish dancing this week and even the adults had a go. 


17th September 2021

This week, we have been working hard and getting into character during our study of Goodnight Mr Tom. We have written letters from different characters. We have also started to explore some of the language used during the time the novel was set and considered how language is continually changing. Mrs Tong has learned what some of the modern 'text speak' language means!

In maths, we have calculated using negative numbers and we have realised that we need to know our times tables in order to continue with long multiplication next week. In science we started our topic on light and looked at how our pupils change size when we go from the dark to the light.

We were fortunate to be able to enjoy some tennis coaching in addition to our usual Games lessons (see the photos below). 



10th September 2021

Welcome to a new academic year! This is the final year of primary school and there are lots of exciting opportunities. The first of these was meeting our buddies in Reception class this week. We helped them into the lunch hall and assisted with opening packets and generally chatting. The Year 6 children were incredible at looking after the younger children. We will continue to do this for the first few lunchtimes until the children feel more confident.

At the start of the week, we carried out experiments with bubbles (see the pictures) and generally found that hot water created more bubbles with washing up liquid. Let's hope that the children used this fact when they help with the washing up at home! In maths, we have been looking at increasingly larger numbers and in English and History we have started our studies of the Second World War. WE are reading the novel Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian to support this work. This week, we have also had the 11+ and all the children behaved in a mature and sensible way during this.