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What are we Learning?

18th June 2021 

It has been another busy week in year 5. We’ve been completing our end of year assessments and everyone worked incredibly hard on these, well done year 5!  On Tuesday, we took part in the Young Voices Biggest Sing live from the O2 Arena in London. There were even people from America zooming in. We sung Billy Ocean’s song ‘Lovely day’. We also learnt the signs for it. We had great fun learning and singing the song!

In English we carried on reading ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’. We focused on something called ‘iambic pentameter’ which Shakespeare used in his writing. Each line had 10 syllables. We had a go at writing our own love and hate poems using ‘iambic pentameter’.  For example; I really love brussels sprouts, they are good. I hate eating peas because they are small.

In maths we began a new unit of maths looking at different types of angles and measuring them. We looked around school for different angles such as obtuse, reflex and acute. We learnt how to use a protractor to measure angles.

In topic, we used the computers to research significant monarchs and use Google slides and docs to present our information. In computing, we learnt about photo editing and focused on how we can merge two images together to make a new one.

In science, we learnt about the life cycles of insects and compared them to the life cycles of mammals.

In Skills for Life we began our new topic of ‘Money Matters’. We focused on value for money and debated how we know if we are getting the best deal when we are shopping for something.

In DT, we began to design our own moving toy using cams. We had to think carefully about who our toy was for and what we wanted it to look like.

11th June 2021 

In English, we began looking at our new class text, A Midsummer's Night Dream by William Shakespeare. We've focused on immersing ourselves in the story. We took on the role of the main characters and acted in role. We wrote character descriptions and letters. Also, we learnt about pathetic fallacy- a literary tool that Shakespeare used lots in his work. 

In maths, we continued our learning on decimals. We learnt about adding and subtracting decimals using the column method. 

We began our new topic of Kings and Queens and looked at what qualities make a good monarch. We also thought about what laws and rules we'd introduce if we were Kings and Queens. 

In computing, we have started a new project on photo editing. This week we focused on cropping photos. Take a look at some of the images we cropped below. 

In science, we learnt about Jane Goodall. A British scientist who studied chimpanzees for many years.  We created leaflets about Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute which was set up to protect wild chimpanzees in Africa. 

28th May 2021 

In English this week we have had red and green choice week. This is where we get to pick our activities based around a particular text.  We watched a James Bond style adventure called 'Spy Fox'. Some of us has designed spy gadgets, written newspaper articles and used the ipads to create books. Take a look at Google Classroom to see some of the work we have been getting up to. 

In maths we have focused on decimal, percentages and fractions equivalents. Our knowledge of times tables has really helped us this week. 

We finished our Geography topic on Rivers by looking at the different ways we used rivers and created leaflets encouraging people to visit the river. 

On Tuesday we were lucky to have Game On for the afternoon and got to play lots of different games including dodge ball. We had lots of fun. 


21st May 2021 

It has been another busy week in Year 5. 

In maths we carried on with our new topic on decimals. We looked at decimals up to three places. We began to compare and round decimals. 

In English, we finished our work on 'The Arrival' writing the narrative to go with the pictures in the book. We focused on using relative clauses, rhetorical questions, speech and semi colons in our writing. 

In computing, some of us managed to get our podcasts all completed and uploaded to Google Classroom. Head over to our page on Google Classroom to listen to them. 

In geography, we used the computers to do some research into rivers all over the world. We then used Google docs to help present the information we found. 

In PE we played two games. Fast feet was all about moving quickly. Bounce master was all about letting the ball bounce once before hitting back to our partners. We then teamed up in groups of four to play. 

14th May 2021 

In English this week we invented our own creatures based on those in our class novel 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. We then wrote explanation texts so that people knew how to care for these animals. 

In maths this week we began our new topic on decimals. Some of us were lucky enough to do some work with students from Aylesbury High School. 

In Geography we looked at the water cycle and created comic strips describing the water cycle. 

On Friday it was Deaf Awareness Day. We took part in lots of activities. We wrote postcards to persuade MPs that British Sign Language (BSL) should be taught in schools. In the afternoon we learnt some signed songs and learnt some sign language. We also wrote a recipe for what makes an effective communicator.

7th May 2021 

It's been a short but busy week in school this week.

In maths this week we finished off our topic of fractions. We focused on finding amounts using fractions and then solving problems involving fractions. 

In English, we carried on looking at our graphic novel 'The Arrival'. We looked at the character's journey and focused on emphasising with the characters in the book. We wrote diary entries and focused on up levelling our sentences to make them powerful.  We also wrote our own playscripts and then used role play to explore them. 

In RE we have been looking at how Sikhs show commitment to their God. We learnt about the 11 Gurus and the three Golden Rules of being honest, sharing and remembering God's name. We then came up with our own three Golden Rules that we would want people to follow. 

In Science, we carried out an investigation into water resistance. We used plasticine to create different shapes and then tested how long it would take to reach the bottom of the water. 

In Art, we created our own creatures based on the creatures in 'The Arrival'. 

30th April 2021 

It's been another busy week this week. In our English lessons we have continued to study the graphic novel "The Arrival" by Shaun Tan. We have used role play to explore some of the characters in the story. We have also thought carefully about some of the reasons people have to leave their countries and how this must feel. In maths we have focused on multiplying fractions and we have recapped finding fractions of amounts. 

In topic, we learnt all about the journey of a river. Miss Curl gave us some chalk and we used the playground to design our own rivers labelling the different features such as meanders and tributaries. In Computing we are currently learning about podcasts. Miss Curl showed us some podcasts and we thought carefully about what makes a good podcast. In pairs we began planning our podcast. In Science, we looked at mechanisms and how they are used to apply forces. We then designed our own machines using mechanisms.

23rd April 2021 

It’s been a great start to the Summer term in Year 5. In maths we have continued to work hard on our topic of fractions. This week we have focused on subtracting fractions.

In English, we started a new novel called ‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan. It’s not like any of the other books we have looked at in Year 5 as it’s a graphic novel which means it has no words just pictures. We began the week by making inferences and predictions about the story. We then focused on having empathy with the characters by writing a diary entry about what it would be like to leave home and leave your family behind.

We began our new topic on Rivers and used Google Maps to locate rivers in the UK. In Computing we began a new project on podcasting and learnt how to record our voices and how we can edit our recordings. In Science, we learnt all about friction and investigated what materials are best for creating break pads.  In PE we played tennis. We focused on different types of shots and took part in some ralleys. In art we practised our paper skills creating origami birds like the ones seen in our novel ‘The Arrival’ and dragons for St George’s Day. 


1st April 2021 

This week we finished our Mayan topic ready to move onto our new topic after Easter. In English we wrote our own versions of Rain Player. We had some great ideas including "Space Player", "Wave Player" and "Maize Player".  

In our history lesson we learnt about the Mayan decline. Miss Curl asked us to examine all the evidence as to what happened to the Mayans in 900AD. We decided that war, drought and deforestation all had a part to play in the disappearance of the Mayans. 

In RE we thought about the word destiny and what that means to use. We then used the computers to research people such as Martin Luther King and Ghandi and used our research to decide on what their destinies were. 

In Skills for Life we finished off our topic of Healthy Lifestyles and designed our own leaflets informing people of what they should do to try and stay healthy. 

26th March 2021 

Year 5 have had another busy week. Some of the children have been bringing their bikes into school for Bikeability. It was tiring but important skills have been learnt.

In English we have continued with our book ‘Rainplayer’.  We wrote diary entries as if we were Pik, the main character, on the night before his big Pokatok match. We ended the week finding out how the story ended and then wrote a newspaper article about the Pokatok match.

In maths we continued our focus on fractions. We looked at equivalent fractions which helped us to compare and order fractions. We have also realised just how important it is to know our times tables and how they really can help with other areas of maths.

On Monday we had a cross curricular topic lesson with DT. We looked Mayan transport and Miss Curl asked us to create some transport only using string and what we could find outside. It was tricky and some our plans didn’t work out which meant we had to problem solve in our teams.

On Thursday we had an extra PE session and learnt how to play cricket. Check out the photos in the photo section.

On Friday in Art we learnt how to draw Chichen Itza. It was very tricky and challenging but we all showed great resilience.

19th March 2021 

It has been another busy week for Year 5. We’ve had class photos and it’s been ‘Lets Count’ week in maths.

In English we wrote our own stories based on eggs that had fallen down from the sky and had began to crack. We used our imaginations and were very creative! In some of the eggs there were woolly mammoths, pandas and even dinosaurs!

It has been a special week in maths this week as we build up to the census on Sunday 21st March. We created our own surveys and found out lots of information about each other. On Friday we also created a time capsule to be opened in 2031, the date of the next census. We wrote letters to tell the year 5 children in 2031 what life in 2021 is like. We also painted and drew pictures to represent life in 2021.  

In science we investigated air resistance. We created different sized parachutes to find out what parachute would be best to drop people slowly.  We found the bigger the parachute the better!



12th March 2021

It has been so lovely seeing everyone back in Year 5 this week. It has felt rather funny being back in class with 30 people but we are beginning to get used to being in a room with so many!

In English this week we began a new book called Rain Player by Wisniewsk. It’s a story based on the Ancient Mayan’s. We began the week looking at a dangerous game called Pokatok- so dangerous you could lose your life if you didn’t win. We wrote instructions for the game and we even had a go at playing it in our PE lesson!

In maths we carried on our learning with fractions looking at converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and counting in steps of fractions.

In topic we looked at the different roles in society Mayans had. We learnt about what it would be like to be a Mayan slave and priest and who was the most important person in Mayan society.

In computing, we began to create our own Maze games using scratch and our coding skills.

In Science, we looked at gravity and who discovered it. We then looked at the link between gravity, mass and weight.

In Skills for Life we started our new topic of Healthy Lifestyles. We looked at some ways to help us stay active.

It has been another busy week!


5th March 2021 

It has been our last week of virtual and in school learning and it has certainly been a busy one. In maths we began our new topic of fractions.

In topic, we continued with our focus on the Ancient Mayans and we looked at the different types of food that the Mayans used to eat. We then designed our own Mayan menus and some of us even wrote some recipes for people to know how to cook the food.

In English, we focused on poetry. We looked at poems by Joseph Coelho. We have been trying really hard to learn a poem off by heart. It was also World Book Day on Thursday and we all dressed up in our favourite book characters. In the afternoon we played some word games and took part in a World Book Day quiz (see the photo gallery for some photos). 

On Wednesday it was no screen day. It was great to see all the wonderful things you got up to including baking cakes, building reading dens, art work and getting out in the fresh air for some exercise.

It has also been Justice Week this week so on Friday we took part in the ‘Big Legal’ lesson. We thought about what the world would be like if we had no laws. We also learnt about who makes the laws and then we had a go at making our own law we would like to see happen to make the world a better place.

26th February 2021 

It has been another busy week in Year 5. In maths we began to look a dividing numbers up to 4 digits.

In English we carried on looking at the short film 'Oktopodi'. We focused on monologues this week. We used our drama skills to record ourselves using ipads and computers reading our monologues. It was great fun getting into character. 

In our topic and computing lessons we learnt about what life was like for Mayans. We used the Internet to research and created our own presentations using Google Slides. We found out lots of great facts including that children didn't wear any clothes until they are 5! 

In art, we designed our own Mayan masks. Some people chose to design event masks. Some people designed death masks! These were worn by the dead to help protect them as they went into the afterlife. 

In science, we began our new topic on Forces. We began by looking at different types of forces such as gravity and upthrust. 


12th February 2021 

In English we looked at a short film called ‘Oktopodi’.  This means Octopus in Albanian. We focused on the different points of view of the characters in the film and used this to plan a piece of writing about the film. 

In maths we have focused on reasoning and solving problems involving place value. We looked at brain teasers and riddles and we even wrote our own and posted them on Google Classroom for others to answer. Some very very tricky. 

In topic, we continued our learning on the Mayans. This time we focused on their writing. We found their writing as tricky as their number system to understand!

We ended the week with some science experiments to do with materials and a science quiz. 

Pupils of the Week are EA for showing responsibility during our live lessons and ST for her increasibng independance in her learning.


5th February 2021 



In English we have been looking at a famous ancient Mayan City, Chichen Itza. We have been busy researching and finding out lots of facts. We have then used this information to create our own leaflets all about Chichen Itza.

In Maths we have focused on multiplying and using formal methods. This week has been a special week as it has been Children’s Mental Health Week. In our Skills for Life lessons we have been thinking of different ways we can express ourselves. At the beginning of the week we used origami and drawing to express ourselves and towards the end of the week we have thought about using movement and learning some circus skills!

We also had a wellbeing day and got to take part in lots of wellbeing activities and no live lessons which meant less screen time.

Pupils of the Week are FM for perseverance when multiplying and EW for fantastic progress with spellings.


29th January 2021

In Year 5 this week we have been busy doing lots of learning about the Mayans. In English we looked at a story based on the Mayan Gods. It was called ‘The Story of the Corn’. We created story boards and turned the story into a picture book for small children. In maths we continued our work on multiplication and this came in handy with our topic lesson on Mayan numbers! We needed to use our knowledge of multiplication to work out what all the dots and dashes meant. It was very tricky!

On Monday we had a special music and arts day. We listened to a piece of music called ‘Earth’ by Hans Zimmer. We wrote letters to the Earth to apologise for the damage we are causing. We then used Garage Band to compose our own ‘Earth’ music and created some artwork to go with it.

Pupils of the Week are LL for taking responsibility in live lessons – always being early and ready to learn and CF-G for showing resilience in maths this week.

22nd January 2021

Another busy week in Year 5, both in school and at home! In Maths, we moved onto a new area of learning looking at multiplication. We have been working really hard in becoming fluent in our times tables as that helps us with multiplying bigger numbers.

In English we looked at a book called ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies. It taught us many lessons including being thankful for what we have and how to appreciate our wonderful nature. In Topic, we looked at the Mayan Gods and how they were important. We got creative and created our own Mayan God. Some of us challenged ourselves to write our own myths about the God.

In school in PE we held a mini tournament of bench ball! We all were excellent team players. In Science we carried out an investigation into soluble and insoluble materials. We tried to dissolve all sorts of materials including sugar, charcoal and salt.

Pupils of the Week are ET for great improvements with multiplication and JW for a positive attitude towards all of his learning.