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What are we Learning?

7th June 2021

We have started the new half-term with a red and green week in English. We have used a short film called 'Catch It' as a stimulus. The children have more independence when choosing their activities and have been very creative. We have written fantastic setting descriptions of Africa, continued a narrative from a different point of view and designed inventions to keep a very precious mango safe. 

We have taken science outside this week to help us understand reflections and mirrors. We had a challenge to follow a chalked pathway a friend had made by only looking uo and using the reflection from a mirror above our heads. It was very tricky! 

In Art we are thrilled to be getting very messy when creating paper mache masks! So far we have made the basic form and have carefully used newspaper to add defining features. 


24th May 2021

This week in science we have been exploring light and reflective materials. We set up a simple investigation using torches and white paper to test to see which materials would be the best to design a reflective school bag. We have also started our 30 Days Wild and took a moment to listen to the noises we could hear when relaxing quietly on the field. 3 more of these Wild Days have been added to Google Classroom for you to try in the half-term. 

We have come to the end of our fraction unit in Maths. Year 3 excelled themselves during active maths lessons where they had to hunt for equivalent fractions and add fractions with the same denominator. We have had lots of children reaching the silver star this week! 


17th May 2021

We have embarked on a new adventure in English this week. We have joined a new friend called Tadeo Jones on a trip to Ancient Egypt, but all is not as it seems! We're using Mr Jones to help us write detailed setting descriptions using expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and even some personification! 

Our maths this week has been packed full of active maths games and tasks. We have worked on using physical resources and images to find equivalent fractions. 

This week has also had a focus on Skills for Life where we have explored ourselves, growing and changing. 


10th May 2021

This week we have started our new science topic of 'Light'. We had a great time using feely bags to guess items, this helped us to understand the importance of light. We also had some heated discussions about sources of light - is a window a light source? 

This Friday was Deaf Awareness Day, and we had a brilliant time designing and creating our own devices to help a person who is deaf. We've also brushed up on our finger spelling to play word guessing games and explored some beautiful stories where the main character has been deaf. 


3rd May 2021

This week we have been enjoying art! Our project for this half-term is to design and create our own Egyptian death mask! We have practised drawing faces and including careful details. This week we sketched our masks in charcoal and then pen. 

We continue to play trumpets every Wednesday. This week we have been putting lots of our knowledge together so that we can play tunes. We are hoping to be able to play 3 whole tunes by the end of our trumpet sessions this half-term! 'Boogie Shoes' is one of our favourites. 


26th April 2021

In science this week we have been rounding off our magnet topic. We worked independently to design, create and then play a game that used a magnetic force. We have made racing games, fishing games and escape the mazes! We're very excited to be able to bring these games home this week. 

Maths is proving to be a challenge as we stretch our brains and work on fractions. We are starting to count on and back in fractions and will soon be adding fractions. We've worked very hard on turning top heavy fractions into mixed fractions. 

In PE we are still loving our outdoor adventurous activities and cricket. We are using the field as much as possible now the weather is nicer. 


19th April 2021

The start of the Summer term has seen us begin new learning across the curriculum. In Topic, we are very excited to be learning all about Ancient Egypt and the Egyptians way of life. We have linked our English to this and have started to explore the book of The Egyptian Cinderella. We are loving finding out about some Egyptian gods and their roles. We have boxed up the story, created story maps and will soon innovate to make our own versions. 

In Science, we are finishing our magnets and forces topic. This week we have had to crack codes in an escape room activity. We worked in teams to answer forces and magnet questions, we then used the codes to be able to escape the store room! Soon we will move on to investigating light.


22nd March 2021

In Year 3 this week we have started a new English project. We have been transported to the Amazon Rainforest to meet a young boy called Toki and his huge chameleon friend. We have used this to describe the rainforest using our 5 sense and have had some brilliant paragraphs written! We have also worked on our summarising skills when condensing the whole story into an eight section story board.

We are absolutely delighted that trumpets have been able to start again! We have recapped of notes and songs from before Christmas and are not learning to play along to a jazz song.

In science our learning is based around forces and magnets. We have already completed several experiments exploring pushes, pulls and the effect of friction on an object on different surfaces. We are excited to move on to explore magnets.

Pupils of the Week were MK and MH. 


15th March 2021

In Year 3 this week we have had a really good go at writing our own narratives independently. We all started with an interesting picture stimulus of a suspicious crow who had discovered a mysterious golden key. We’ve worked hard to ensure we have all included paragraphs, correct punctuation and polished our writing with our purple pens to make it even better.

We have enjoyed listening to more carnival music this week whilst continuing to create our Brazilian themed carnival masks. We’ve even had a go at some Samba dancing! We can’t wait to finish our masks and parade them! 

In RE we have been exploring the Easter story. We have researched The Last Supper, explained the days in the Holy Week and linked our 5 R's to some themes in Christianity such as respect and resilience. We have had large class discussions using items such as a loaf of bread, blackcurrant juice, thorns and a representation of a cross. 

In PE we have been teaching Miss Smith this week! We are beginning our cricket topic, luckily for us there are a few cricketers in Year 3!

Pupils of the week were NE and MM. 


10th March 2021

This week we have had our whole class back together! It has been wonderful!
We have started a new book in English, ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith. We’re loving the adventures of Max the hodgeheg and the resilience he shows throughout the story. We’ve used this book so far to write fantastic setting descriptions full of adjectives and similes. We have also become hedgehogs ourselves when using a drama technique called hot-seating to better our understanding of characters before writing character descriptions.

Our topic of South America has taken us to the largest county there, Brazil. In DT we have been designing and are now creating our very own carnival masks. We hope to finish these and be able to wear them in our own little Year 3 parade. Whilst we’ve been busy creating we have enjoyed listening to carnival music such as Samba music.

In PE we are hoping to get outside as much as possible. We have started Outdoor Adventurous Activities and will use this to develop our speaking and listening skills as well as getting used to working in teams again. We’ve managed to communicate to collect copious amounts of pirate treasure in our PE equipment boats and then had a competition to see which ship could get their message in a bottle the furthest away without anyone going overboard.



5th March 2021

This week in year 3 we have been very busy!
In maths we are coming to the end of our measuring and perimeter unit. We’ve loved our active maths sessions - this week we had to go on a shape hunt and measure the edges of shapes. It was a challenge because to be accurate we had to convert some lengths from cm to mm!

In topic we worked in teams to sort human and physical features of South America - we have discovered a lot of landmarks that we never knew about. We are very keen to learn more about the Amazon River
On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day with both the children at home and at school. We took time in the morning to have a whole class fashion parade - we all looked absolutely amazing! Then we used our topic of the Amazon Rainforest to write a poem using similes, some of us even challenged ourselves to use rhyme! We also took time to share our favourite books and the children in school read their books to each other.




26th February 2021

This week in Year 3 we have started to investigate our new topic of South America and its rainforests. We have explored the continent and used maps online as well as an atlas. We are linking this learning into DT. We will explore Brazil and the famous carnivals that happen there. We have started to research Carnival do Brasil - the music, the floats, the costumes and the masks. We will be making our own carnival masks after completing a full design brief. Before trumpets starts again we have used our Music slot to recreate sounds of the rainforest using percussion instruments.

In PE we have used games that we have made from scratch from Children’s Mental Health Week. We selected our resources, mapped the games and create the rules. We then played our games with small groups and moved around so we could all try each other’s. This meant that our rules and plans had to be very clear and easy to understand.

In Maths we have challenged ourselves by not only measuring using M, CM and MM but by also adding and subtracting lengths. We have used active maths session to throw and jump, order lengths and then use our measurements to add and subtract after converting them to be the same unit of measure.



12th February 2021

In Year 3 this week we have been concluding our learning all about our local area. We took a tour of our school, somewhere we thought we knew well! We have discovered information about the first school in Stoke Mandeville and how it was replaced by our current school. We have observed and noted how our school has changed over time, but still kept some original features. Mrs Stewart come to show us the original school logs that had to be kept by the headmaster every day. We also had a go at ringing the school bell, it was extremely heavy!

We have been working impressively hard during our maths learning. We have been exploring measuring, specifically length and height. We are becoming masters at using metres, centimetres and milimeters. We will move on to adding and subtracting lengths too.

In science we have had terrific fun learning about plants. To help us remember some complicated vocabulary we have dissected daffodils and named the different parts of the flower and their jobs. We are still monitoring our celery experiment to see how dyed water can be transported through a vein system.

Pupils of the week are IE for great effort in SPaG and JT for resilience in handwriting.


29th January 2021

This week Year 3 have been expressing themselves through different mediums as it has been children’s mental health week. All of the activities have been posted on Google Classroom for everyone at home to try too. In school we loved exploring different creative ways to express ourselves – we have written kennings poems about ourselves and what makes us happy, we have created collages about the things that we love and we have also used photos of our faces to create self-expressive self-portraits.

We have also used movement as a means of self-expression. We have watched dancers show emotions using their bodies and music genres. We had a go in the hall too! We enjoyed dancing to Spanish flamenco and more sombre acoustic music. We have also experienced yoga and how this can help calm us. Then we had a go at creating our own games complete with rules using a vast selection of PE resources. Then we taught our class how to play each game. On Thursday afternoon the children in school also had an extra sporty time thanks to Game On visiting us!

In Science we are still learning all about plants. We have set up an experiment to see how water is transported through plants using celery and food dye. We’re inspecting the investigation every day!

Pupils of the Week are CP for working independently to create an alternative ending and MK for great self expression through dance.



22nd January 2021

This week in Year 3 we have been storming through the book ‘The Twits’ in English. We’ve used this as a writing stimulus for many things from disgusting recipes and ghastly tricks to writing character descriptions. We received a letter in the week from a concerned Mr. Blackbird regarding the Twits animals. We worked incredibly hard to find answers to his questions in the text and then wrote formal letters to reply to him. We’ve also made some fantastic WANTED posters with Mrs Ryan linking to the book we’re reading with her, ‘The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me’.

Friday has been our Art and Music themed day. We’ve used Earth by Hans Zimmer as a stimulus for English and Art. We listened to the music and put our thoughts onto paper using many mediums from chalks and charcoal to water paints and pastel. We’ll add our artwork (from class and from Google Classroom) to a display in the corridor.

Pupils of the Week are TR for great resilience in home learning and KD for fab independence in all school learning.