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What are we Learning?

23rd June 2022

In English this week we have watched a short animation called 'Tadeo Jones'.  It is based on our topic of Egyptians and follows the journey of an explorer through a pyramid or tomb.  We have focussed on setting descriptions this week and have learned about using similes and personification in our writing, as well as revising using our senses and adverbs in our writing.  We have done really well using these to enhance our writing.

In Maths this week we have finished our unit on time.  We have looked at how many seconds are in a minute and have converted between minutes and seconds.  We have had to use our 6x tables for this, so have practised this.  We used iPads to time some activities in seconds, as you can see in the photographs below.  This was a really enjoyable lesson.


We have made great progress playing the recorder this week.  We have looked at the notation of minims (which are worth 2 beats) and crotchets (which are worth 1 beat).  We have managed to play together and even stop together!  

17th June 2022

This week in English we have been writing our own versions of The Egyptian Cinderella story.  These have gone really well, and we have used lots of the things we have learned last week in them.  We have used sentences that contain comparative conjunctions to show a comparison between our main character and our mean characters.  We have used some fantastic feeling words and have tried to use some show-not-tell to describe rather than tell the feelings of our main character.  We have even included some speech and remembered how to use speech marks!

In Maths we have continued to look at time.  We have tried to find durations of time this week which has been quite tricky.  We have continued looking at the analogue clocks and telling the time on them to help us work out how much time has passed.  We looked at a television timetable and worked out how much time each show lasted for.

In science this week we dissected tulips!  This was lots of fun and we found all the different parts of the plant that are important in fertilisation and pollination.  Some of these were hidden inside the plant and we had to look really carefully to take these apart.


10th June 2022

It has been a really good week back after half-term, and we have all returned ready to enjoy the final term in Year 3!

In English we have started reading The Egyptian Cinderella.  This story, set in Ancient Egypt, has many similarities to the story of Cinderella that we have all heard before.  We have looked at the similarities between the two stories and have used it to expand our vocabulary for 'feelings' words and used them to describe the feelings of Rhodopis (the main character) at different points in the story.

In Maths we have been focussing on telling the time this week.  This has been really tricky for most of us and we have needed lots of practise.  We will continue to tell the time throughout the remainder of the year and will need lots of support and practice at home too!

In Science this week we have completed an experiment about the way that water is transported in a plant.  We used white roses and celery placed into coloured water to try and see when the water has reached the white petals.  This has not shown any results yet (it has been a little too cold for it this week!), but we have left them in the liquid to try and see results next week.

In our topic lessons we have looked at Ancient Egyptian writing.  We have tried to write our names in hieroglyphs and have used them to write secret messages - it was great fun!  Have a go yourself!

27th May 2022

This week we have had fun learning about the Platinum Jubilee.  On Thursday and Friday we have spent time learning about a decade of the Queen's reign, and Year 3 have been learning about the 1980s!  We have researched and made a Keynote presentation about important events that have happened to or in the Royal Family in the 1980s.  There were two Royal weddings, four Royal babies and two important 'firsts' for Royal visits!

We have listened to music from the 1980s (which the children were very surprised to recognise a lot of, and more surprised that Mrs Cole could sing along to!) and have drawn portraits of Queen Elizabeth from how she looked in the 1980s.  These are all great and will be on display in school in the coming weeks.


In English this week we have finished reading 'Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery'.  We have written a newspaper report about the grave robbery event and have learned how to interview characters for our news report.

In Maths, we have started looking at time.  We have recapped how to tell the time to the o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour.  We have then looked at calendars and have used these to help us answer questions.  We have learned about hours, days, weeks, months and years and have looked at how many of these fit into others - for example how many days in each month, how many hours in a day etc.

I hope you all have a really great half-term holidays, and I will see you when we return to school on Monday, 6th June.

20th May 2022

In English this week we have started reading a new Flat Stanley story - Flat Stanley and the Great Egyptian Grave Robbery.  This is very exciting so far, and we have got lots of ideas about what will happen in this story.  We have used it for letter writing and to write the next chapter of the story.  It is a great link to our topic of Ancient Egyptians.

In Maths this week we have been learning to add and subtract fractions.  These fractions all have the same denominator, and we have used bar models to help us with this.  Next week we are moving on to telling the time!

In science we have talked about all of the things that living things need to be able to survive.  We have set up an experiment to see whether a tomato plant can survive with no water, no heat or no light.  We will be measuring our plants regularly to check if they are still growing!

We also had our Outdoor Learning Day on Thursday this week.  We were given different challenges for building a shelter.  These were each for different environments and needed to give shelter for specific climates. eg. for protection against flooding, to be easily moved for nomadic tribes, using local materials in a secluded environment.  It was great fun and we worked really well in groups with Year 4.

13th May 2022

Today has been our Deaf Awareness Day and has been packed full of exciting learning.  We have had a chance to learn all about Evelyn Glennie - a famous deaf percussionist.  Ask us about the exciting things we have learned.

In Maths we have been working on finding and recognising equivalent fractions.  We have used fraction tiles and pictures to help with this.  We have also learned some tricks to find fractions that are equivalent to 1/2.

In English we have used the humorous poem we read last week to help us write our own humorous poems.  Our poems are called, 'A Creature Ate Our Teacher' and are full of imaginative creatures in different settings.  We have thought really hard about including powerful adjectives, verbs and adverbs in our writing.

In our Topic lessons we have learned about some important Pharaohs from Ancient Egypt.  We will learn about some of these in more detail, but have looked at the dates they were in power, what Kingdom they were in and some interesting facts about them.

6th May 2022

This week we have continued learning about humorous poetry in our English lessons.  We have read another humorous poem about a teacher in school and have done some poetry analysis to think about the structure and themes in the poem.  Next week we will be writing our own poems!

In Maths this week we have been finding fractions of an amount.  We have started with unit fractions and have moved on to finding a non-unit fraction of an amount.  We have done this by using counters, cubes or pictures.  We have shared the objects into groups shown by the denominator.  We have then collected the numerator-number of groups to find our answer.  The unit fractions have a numerator of 1.

We have started our new topic this week: Ancient Egyptians!  We have started by talking about all the things we know already and all the things we would like to find out - a lot of these are about pyramids.  We looked at the time period that Ancient Egyptians is in and the important things that happened during this time.  We are all really excited to learn about this for the rest of the Summer Term!

Our trip to Science Centre, Oxford went very well.  We had an exciting coach journey and had a fantastic time in the centre.  We designed and made our own Rube-Goldberg machines and tested them.  They were really good and the inventiveness of all the children was amazing.  An example we were shown at the end of our session can be found at (the sound should work this time!).  We also had some time to explore all of the exhibits and watch a science show - a busy day!

For more photos, check out the science page of this website. 

29th April 2022

It has been great being back in school after the Easter break - and what an exciting week we have had in Year 3.

We were finally able to complete the Village Walk that we had planned as part of our History topic of Our Local Area.  This was fascinating.  We found lots of extremely old buildings around the village, including one where it is rumoured Anne Boleyn once lived in!  It has a floor dating to 1420 and is the oldest building in the village.  We also saw a house that was turned in to a tea-room during World War 2.  Ask the children what other facts they remember from our walk.


We also had an opportunity to take part in a cricket festival on Thursday morning this week at Wendover Cricket Club.  Whilst there, we developed our skills in fielding, bowling, batting and catching.  Each activity was lead by Sports Leaders from John Collet school.  It was extremely enjoyable and was a great introduction to our PE topic of Cricket that we will be doing this term.  See the 'Photo' section of the website for more pictures.


The children have all been practising using their log-in details to go on Google Classroom this week.  They have practised doing some work and submitting it to allow them to be more independent completing their homework.  It is important that homework is completed.  If there are any problems then paper copies can be given, although answers can be completed on a separate page or document and uploaded.

Reading records will be collected in and checked each Tuesday this term.  Please make sure reading records and reading books are in school every day, but especially on a Tuesday and Thursday.

8th April 2022

This week the children have sang in their dress rehearsal and then 2 concerts for the Year 3 and 4 Musical Extravaganza.  They did an amazing job and really sang and performed well.  We are so proud of them all.  Thank you to everyone that came to watch and for all of your preparation for costumes and helping them learn the words and signs.

Also this week we have had our class visit to Stoke Mandeville Stadium for our topic lesson of Our Local Area: Stoke Mandeville.  While at the Stadium we learned about the Paralympics and how they were started in Stoke Mandeville!  We were lucky enough to be allowed to hold the Paralympic torch from the recent 2022 Winter Paralympic games, and we saw all the cauldrons, torches and mascots that they have in the stadium.  It was very interesting and we learned a lot!


We were very sad to say goodbye to the chicks this week.  They have been hatched in school and it has been amazing seeing how quickly they have grown.  We all enjoyed holding the chicks in class and look forward to having the 'Egg Hatch Project' in school again in the future.


1st April 2022     

This week has been our assessment week in school where we look at the progress that the children have made throughout the term.  I am so incredibly proud of the effort that the children have put in to this - well done to you all.

In English this week we have continued using 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as the basis of our work.  This week we have been reporters and we have interviewed the children who have won golden tickets.  It has been fascinating thinking about the different characters and how we can reflect their different personalities (spoiled, greedy) through their responses.

In Maths we have looked at unit fractions and non-unit fractions.  We have used this knowledge to help us recognise different fractions and to also find different fractions of shapes and also of amounts.  For those that are a little unclear on these, a unit fraction has a numerator of 1 and a non-unit fraction has a numerator above 1.

We have continued our science work using magnets.  We completed an interesting experiment looking at how magnets attract and repel each other using the different poles.  We talked about how the repelling could be of interest as well as the attracting.

We have been busy this week preparing for our Musical Extravaganza concert next week.  We are so excited to finally perform in front of a live audience!  See you there!

25th March 2022

This week in English we have focused on the character of Mike Teavee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Mike is a boy what watches television all the time, and Charlie's grandparents think this is awful.  As a result of this, we have discussed whether children should be limited in the amount of television that they watch.  We have thought about reason for and against this question and have written a balanced argument about whether children should be allowed to watch an unlimited amount of TV.  What do you think?

In Maths we have been revising our fractions work from Year 2.  We have looked at halves, quarters and thirds; finding them in shapes and splitting amounts of cubes or counters into halves, quarters and thirds.  This has been really good preparation for developing our understanding on the topic after Easter.

Due to staffing and adult-helper shortages, we had to postpone our walk in Stoke Mandeville this week.  It is a shame as this is such a great and important part of our village topic.  We will try and reschedule this for after Easter and will let you know the new date for this as soon as it is confirmed.

18th March 2022

This week has been our school Science Week.  We have had some great experiments going on each day.  We have:

  • Grown a Rainbow - we looked at how water and colours are absorbed by certain materials like paper when placed into a pool of water.  This shows capillary action.  We then tested this on different types of paper.  The best one was sugar paper.
  • Grown Ice - we had to put some plastic bottles of water into the freezer until they were almost frozen but still liquid.  Then we poured this over ice cubes and watched the water immediately turn to ice!  It looked like a slushie.  Unfortunately this did not work for everyone.
  • We learned about a new scientist - Rachel Carson.  She studies the ecology of the oceans.  She was the first person to use the phrase 'food chain' and she warned about the harmful effects of chemicals and pesticides going into the ocean.  We wrote a fact file about her.
  • Making a waterproof shelter for an animal - we went outside with year 4 and had to find as many natural objects as we could to use in building a small shelter.  We then tested these out on a small animal (teddy) to see if they worked!
  • Cloud in a Jar - We used shaving foam, water and food colouring to look at how clouds produce rain.

All of these experiments were great fun - maybe you could have a go at some of them yourself!  You will find them at the bottom of this page. 




11th March 2022 

This week wein English we have started reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl.  We have enjoyed what we have read so far and we have been using this book in our lessons.  We have looked at the characters that Roald Dahl creates and how the names they give them tell you a bit about their personalities.  We have tried making up our own characters with interesting names that give you a clue about the type of personality they are.

In Maths this week we have been looking at Units of measure.  We have looked at how to turn m in to cm (and cm into m) and also at turning cm into mm (and vice versa).  This has been a little tricky, but we have managed to find some methods to help us.

This week we had the Planitarium come in and show us space.  We learned all about our solar system and were all in awe of how big it was.  We learned some fascinating facts about the planets, especially the sizes of them all!

4th March 2022

This week in English we have been reading the story, 'I'll take you to Mrs Cole!'  It has been great fun reading this and we have written our own versions of it.  We have celebrated World Book Day on Thursday by taking part in a live lesson from the BBC.  This was really interesting and allowed us to write an advert for our favourite book.  We had to use our knowledge of the book and persuasive language to sell our book to others.

In Maths this week we have been learning about measures.  We have practised measuring accurately and we have been converting metres to centimetres and centimetres to millimetres.  

We have started a new topic of Stoke Mandeville this week.  We started by looking at our school.  We had the privilege of looking at the original log books for the school - which are over 100 years old!  We looked at old photographs of the school and even a timetable from 1946!  Some of us thought it sounded a great timetable - the girls learned sewing 3 times a week and the boys learned 'Handwork skills' which we think is woodwork.

18th February 2022

This week we have been learning about writing non-chronological reports in English.  We have learned about the importance of Headlines and Sub-headings and have used these in our writing.  Following on from their homework, the children have thought of some questions to research about an ocean animal of their choice.  They have then used the iPads to complete more research about their animal.  We have used subheadings to organise our writing and have written some amazing reports.  We have begun to produce neat copies of these and will be putting these into a class book when they are finished.

In Maths we have been learning about Bar Charts.  We have been making our own bar charts and using them to read information to answer questions.  This has been very interesting, and reading the different scales has meant that we have been practising counting in different amounts too!

In Science we looked at the force of friction.  We designed and completed an experiment to test the friction of different materials by seeing how high a ramp needs to be to make a toy car move.  We had a lot of fun completing this experiment and looking at the different materials.  We tested: wood, paper, cotton, carpet, bubble wrap and sand paper.  Which do you think caused the most friction?

We really enjoyed our skipping session on Thursday.  All of us improved our skipping skills really quickly and have learned some things to do to help us skip for longer.  Some of us even managed to do some cross-over skipping!

I hope you all have an enjoyable and restful half term.

11th February 2022

This week has been Children's Mental Health Week.  We have been talking about the importance of  mental health and things we can do to keep our minds, as well as our bodies, healthy.  The children had some great ideas about why mental health is such an important part of our lives.  We have looked at three negative emotions and found ways that we can help to deal with these when they arise:

  • Frustration - when we are feeling frustrated it might be because we are finding something difficult.  We can stop, breathe, take a break, or ask for help.  Always remember it is ok to not be able to do something the first time you try.
  • Jealousy - it can be hard when we think someone is getting the attention or praise that we think we should be getting.  Try to focus on something else, maybe how much we have improved or what the praise means to the other person.  Talking to someone can help.
  • Anger - this can be the hardest one to control, but we are in control of it.  We can try taking some deep breaths, taking a walk, doing some exercise, or moving away from what is making us angry. 

 We practised doing some 'belly breathing' which really helped us to feel calm and more focused.  You can have a go here:

On Wednesday, the girls had an opportunity to play in a football tournament for girls.  They all did really well and came back tried, but full of enthusiasm!  Well done for being such good representatives of the school!

21st January 2022

With today being our 'Break the Rules Day' we have had great excitement this week!  It has also been the first week of using our new Recognition Board and the children have all responded really well to it.  It has helped to focus them on the positive behaviours that we see so often in class, and have really helped us all to recognise when the children are showing a fantastic attitude towards their learning.

In English this week we have learned about a type of poem called a Haiku.  These poems are originally from Japan and have only 3 lines.  The lines are written in a special way and contain 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.  This has really helped us to focus on our 'WOW' words and choose vocabulary that has a high impact.  We have linked these Haikus to our topic of Oceans and will be putting these around the school and classroom next week.  Watch this space for photographs of these amazing poems!

In Maths we have continued working with money.  The children have really been getting to grips with handling coins and making different amounts.  They have added amounts together using physical coins, using number bonds and grouping to help them.  They have done incredibly well with it - keep using and counting money as much as possible at home.  It all helps!

In Science this week we looked at the human skeleton.  We found out the scientific names of some main bones of the body and the children have been full of additional facts that they have learned at home.  Next week we will be completing an experiment based on our bodies - look out for the photographs in next week's newsletter.

14th January 2022

It has been great to have our first full week back in school, and we have really got to grips with being back in the swing of learning.

We have been looking at the wordless story Out of The Blue this week.  The children have been able to use their own ideas to tell the story and have worked hard to include speech (punctuated correctly) and adjectives in their stories.  They have had some fantastic ideas and we have had great fun linking this to our topic work.

In maths this week we have been using money.  We have had to recognise coins, add them and subtract them.  We have worked with coins and notes and the children have found it incredibly tricky due to the fact we are handling coins and notes less in the past few years.  If you have any coins at home it would be really great to help the children by asking them to count how much there is or asking them to make different amounts.

Our topic this term is Oceans and Plastic Pollution.  We had a great lesson looking at atlases and globes this week to find the different oceans in the world - there are 5 of them.  We also found other places we were interested in, looked at the 7 continents and compared the maps to the globe!  The children found it incredibly interesting to use the atlases, and we will definitely be getting these out again!

We have started singing our songs for the Year 3 and 4 concert at the end of the term - keep ears and eyes open for information about this closer to Easter.

26th November 2021

This week we have had some assessments to do.  I am really proud of the way the children have worked throughout the week and the level of concentration they have shown - well done, you should all feel really proud of yourselves!

In English this week we have looked at possessive apostrophes.  These are apostrophes that show belonging and are often used after a person's name and with an 's' after it.  The children have enjoyed 'owning' things and have worked hard to extend their sentences too.

In Maths we have been looking at dividing by 2, 5 and 10.  We have done this by both sharing and grouping and have begun to count in 2s, 5s and 10s to find our answers.  We have used physical equipment and pictures to help us too.

In science this week we have looked at food labels.  We have found out the answers to some questions by investigating the links between different things on a food label. For example, All food that is high in fat is also high in salt.  We have hypothesised and then used information to find out the answer for ourselves.

19th November 2021

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week, where we focus on the important message of stamping out bullying.  We have talked about how it might make a person feel to be bullied and left out of things, as well as things that we can all do to help stop bullying if we see it.  These things include telling a trusted adult, both in school and at home.  We have also talked about the importance of being kind and using kind words.  We have written 'Caught you Being Kind' cards for people that we have remembered being kind to us.

In English we have continued our work on the story of Flat Stanley - the Original.  We have looked at describing the main character, Flat Stanley, and we have written letters to him inviting him to our house for the holidays!  This has been really exciting and the children have written fantastic letters!

In Maths this week we have started look at multiplication.  We have used an array to help us and have been revising counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.  We have started using TT Rockstars to help us with our times tables, which can also be done at home using the same log-in information as NumBots.  At the moment this should be limited to 2x, 5x and 10x, with additional tables being added later into the term.

We started our dance lessons in PE this week.  I was really impressed by the co-ordination and enthusiasm of all the class in this and I am really looking forward to collaboratively choreographing a dance at the end of term.

12th November 2021 

This week has been Maths Week in school.  We have had a great time in maths lessons doing problem solving and investigations applying all of the skills we have learned so far in school.  We have even taken part in our first Maths World Cup event, which involved lots of exercise along with maths problems to solve.

In English we have started reading Flat Stanley - The Original.  We have really enjoyed this books far and have really taken inspiration from it to help with our writing.  We have talked about what we think life would be like to be flat - a mixture of exciting and frustrating!

We have also started our science topic of Animals including Humans.  In this we started by looking at different food groups and healthy food choices.  This links really well to pour DT food topic for this term.

5th November 2021

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a fantastic half-term holiday.

This week in school we had two important things going on.  The first was that we celebrated Black History Week.  We did this in Year 3 by looking at what happened to Ruby Bridges.  Ruby was a 5-year-old girl that was ordered by a judge to attend a white school.  As a result of this, lots of parents refused to send their children to school as they did not want them mixing with Ruby, and she ended up being taught on her own for her first year.  We discussed and read Ruby Bridge's story and completed some English work around it, including writing letters to her.

The second important part of our week was that Thursday was an 'Outdoor Learning' day.  We had an active maths lesson continuing to work on our column subtraction methods and we spent the afternoon making an Iron Age roundhouse.  We went outside to collect different materials to use in our houses, then used clay to help hold everything together.  It was great fun (if a little cold) and we learned a lot, including that we need to have a doorway for a house to allow people entry!

22nd October 2021

We started the week with our amazing 'Be Bright, Be Seen' day on Monday and the children and adults all made a fantastic effort to wear bright clothing to school.  With the clocks changing over half term, this is such an important message for us all as we will all be travelling in darker conditions.

In English this week we have been focussing on elements of grammar and punctuation.  We have looked at sentence structures and organising our work into paragraphs.  Both these things are extremely important in our writing and we will continue to help the children perfect these in the weeks and months to come.

In Maths this week we have been using our knowledge of place value when adding and subtracting to try and use the column method.  This has been tricky when we have had to exchange a ten for ten ones, but we will continue practising and persevering with this.

This week saw us come to the end of some our topics. We will be starting new PE units and a new science topic after half term.  The children have all been enthusiastic in the learning we have completed this half term and we are looking forward to this continuing with exciting new topics.

It was lovely to meet everyone during parents evenings this week, albeit virtually.  Have a lovely half term break and I hope we all get a chance to re-charge our batteries!

15th October 2021

This week in English we have focussed on writing instructions.  We have written our own instructions about how to was a woolly mammoth and have worked really hard to use interesting imperative verbs and numbered steps.  The children will be using their handwriting sessions to write this into neat and this will then be on display in school.

In Maths we have continued with adding and subtracting.  We have looked at adding two lots of 2-digit numbers together and have had to use exchanging when we have 10 or more ones, or 10 or more tens.  This has been a little tricky for some but we have used equipment and pictures to help us when we need to.  We have also begun looking at the column method for adding and subtracting to extend ourselves.

We have made amazing strides in our Djembe drumming this week!  We are all extremely proud of ourselves as we have managed to play in two different parts!  Our drumming is sounding rhythmic and like a professional Djembe band - well done to all!

In science we started learning about a famous fossil hunter called Mary Anning.  We did some research about her in iPads and found out about one of her amazing discoveries and how she sold it for only £28.  This was enough money though, to keep her and her mother living in comfort for the rest of their lives.  Next week we will be making a fact sheet about Mary Anning, using the information we have found this week.

8th October 2021

We have been reading 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' this week.  We have looked at imperative verbs and have washed a dinosaur toy to help us think about how best to use the imperative verbs in a sentence.  We have completed some fantastic independent writing to retell the story.  The children have all worked incredibly hard on their writing and are making good progress on it.

In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction and have been going over the 10s barrier and the 100s barrier.  This means that the addition or subtraction has crossed over to the next (or previous) 10 and we have had to use exchanging to complete the problems.  We have used number lines, place value counters and base-10 resources to help us with this,

In science this week we discovered how fossils are made.  We used Plasticine and shells to make our own fossil impressions and then became archaeologists ourselves!  We had to use a cocktail stick to carefully remove a chocolate chip from a cookie!  it was harder than some of us thought it would be too.


1st October 2021

This week on English we have continued our work if Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.  We have retold this story on Seesaw and have used it to help plan and write our own stories based in the Stone Age.  I have been really impressed with the ideas that the children have had and they have all worked incredibly hard to write their stories.  We will try to use our handwriting sessions to write these in neat during the next week.

In maths this week we have moved on to addition.  We have been revising some of the work we completed in Year 2 and have added 1-digit numbers to 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and have started crossing ten.  We have tried to use our knowledge of number bonds to ten to help us with these.  

In our Science lesson this week we have made rocks!  We used different types of chocolate to create and show the different layers that are present in different types of rocks.  We made sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, and watched a demonstration of an igneous rock.  We used grated chocolate in our experiment and we were able to take them home to taste them.

In our Topic lesson we have learned about a Stone Age settlement called Skara Brae.  This is found in the Orkney Isles in Scotland and is incredibly well-preserved.  The children all managed to find this on a map of the UK and labelled the four countries that make up the UK.

Finally, we have learned some new playground games in PE.  This will give us more games that we can play together during playtime and lunchtime.  We will continue to think of different games we can play and are looking forward to hearing suggestions from the children too.

24th September 2021

We have started working on a new story this week in English: Stone Age Boy.  This story is about a boy who wakes up in the Stone Age.  He meets a girl who helps him and takes him back to her settlement.  He doesn't understand what the Stone Age people are saying, but he is able to use other ways of communicating with them.  He learns lots of their different skills while he is there.  When he eventually wakes up back in the Modern Age, his family say he has only been gone a few hours, and he must have dreamt it... or has he?  We have enjoyed exploring this story; we have used it to make some fantastic sentences this week, exploring the use of adjectives, using a thesaurus, and writing sentences with adverbial phrases in them.  Next week we will develop our own stories of a Stone Age character.

In maths this week we have been comparing and ordering numbers.  We have looked at the meanings of the < and > symbols (less than, greater than) and trying to use these in our calculations to compare numbers.  On Thursday we even managed to count to 1000 in steps of 50!  We looked at how counting in 50s related to counting in 5s to help us with this.

On Friday we have enjoyed an Olympic themed dance workshop.  We have chosen Africa as our continent and have completed a whole day of Africa-themed activities - it has been great fun.  Keep an eye out for the photographs of our day which will soon be making an appearance on the 'Photo' section of our class page.

17th September 2021

We have continued with our fantastic learning this week and have even enjoyed a tennis training session from Premier Sports.  The children really enjoyed learning and developing new skills, and we will now be able to put these into our PE tennis lessons!

In English this week we have continued our learning about Ug.  We have thought about all the fantastic inventions that Ug would like to make but can't quite get right.  We have written Ug a letter to offer him some help and ideas of our own about how he can help improve life in the Stone Age.  We have then invented something for him to make his life easier - these have been incredible and have included new trousers, houses, a TV, games and even a way of collecting water from the stream without having to walk down to it!  We have also written some instructions about how to use these amazing inventions. 

In maths this week we have been continuing our focus on number and place value.  We have been looking at numbers up to 1000 and used various methods to represent and understand the hundreds, tens and ones that make up these numbers.  We have also used number lines to locate these numbers, and blank number lines to reason where numbers would be, which we found tricky.

We have started our science topic of Rocks, Soils and Fossils this week by using our observational skills to look carefully at different types of rocks.  Already we have found lots of ways that different rocks are similar or different and have used some great vocabulary to describe these.  We created some careful observational drawings os our rocks and added labels to show the features and properties.







10th September 2021

This week has been our first full week in school, and we have started lots of new topics.  I am incredibly proud of how well the children have settled in to the new class and how quickly they have got used to the new routines in school.  Please can the children have their reading record books in school on Monday so that these can be checked.  It is incredibly important that the children are heard reading at home as often as possible, and we ask for this to be a minimum of three days a week using their school reading book.  Other days can include books you have at home.

In English this week we have been using the story of 'Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age'.  We have enjoyed looking at the differences between Ug's lifestyle and ours and have used the comic-style of this story to write speech, first using speech bubbles and then introducing how to use speech marks.  It has been difficult for some of us to remember to use capital letters and full stops in our writing this week after such a long break over the summer.  Please keep reinforcing these essentials when doing any writing at home.

In Maths this week we have been revisiting place value and numbers up to 1000.  We have used different methods to show numbers up to 1000 using practical equipment and diagrams.  We have begun to use these to add numbers together.

We have begun our topic work of The Stone Age this week.  We have looked at where the Stone Age happened and the different periods within this.  We have also started to look at Stone Age art when trying to make our own paint!

We have also started Djembe drumming this week.  This has been great fun.  This week we learned how to sit correctly and hold the drums and how to make two different tones on the drums.  We worked well together to hold a steady beat and even managed to do this with a steady rhythm using the different tones!  I am looking forward to seeing this progress throughout the term