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What are we Learning?

24th June 2022

June really is flying by in Year 2. We have had a fun week in maths, looking at mass. We all became human balances to decide which object was heavier and which was lighter, then checked them using a balance scale. We then investigated how many cubes different objects needed to make the scale balance. 


In our English work we have been focussed on finishing off our own Lighthouse Keeper adventures. We have worked hard to use our purple editing pens to make corrections and improvements to our writing. 

We loved using Magic Grandad as a secondary source of information in our topic work, learning all about the seaside in the past and in particular The Promenade. We wrote down different facts that we had learned and drew pictures to show where the promenade is. We also learned that ice cream was called 'hoky poky'!

We continued to practise our throwing, catching, bowling and fielding skills in PE this week, focussing on the need to keep an eye on the ball and to have our catching hands ready. We also began practising for sports day in a few weeks time.


17th June 2022

It has been a busy and hot week in Year 2 this week. In maths, we have continued with our work on time, looking at telling the time to 5 minutes. We have learned about the past and to sides of the clock and have worked hard to show different times, using our counting in 5s knowledge to help us. 

In our English work we have been continuing to look at The Lighthouse Keeper's series of stories. We worked in groups to read and discuss some of the other stories, listening to them on the ipads before thinking about the plot of the stories. We have then gone on to plan our own Lighthouse Keeper adventures and have begun to write them. We will be finishing these off next week. 


In our art session we created our own seaside souvenirs using clay to make our own clay tiles. We all worked hard to flatten the clay, make it into a tile shape and to then carve onto the tile. 


We have begun looking at the seaside in the past in our topic work, looking for similarities and differences between the two! The children found it fascinating that in Victorian times there were separate sections on some beaches for men and women! They were also interested in how the bathing machine works! 


10th June 2022

It has been a busy first week back at school after the half term break! In our English work we have been looking at the story of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. We have looked at the order of the main events in the story, had a go at writing our own retellings and have written some character descriptions. We have also been looking at how we can use a dictionary to look up the meanings of new words we came across. 

In maths we have been busy with our new unit all about time. We have looked at telling the time to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and have also investigated what we can do in different time periods. We are definitely growing more confident with where to place the hands on the clock. 

Our science work caused much excitement this week! We looked at seeds, learning about what is inside them and then dissecting different seeds, including some different beans. We then dissected a runner bean to see the smaller beans inside it. 




27th May 2022

We had a different start to the week with our Monday morning being spent at Aylesbury High School for our Year 2 Multiskills event. The children all had a great time and practised lots of different sporting skills and demonstrating good team work too! Check out more photos in our Year 2 photo gallery. 


This week our focus in Skills for Life has been on 'Ourselves, Growing and Changing'. We have looked at stereotypes and how there aren't boy and girl toys but toys that can be played with by anyone. We have also looked at the differences between male and female animals, sorting different farm animal toys into whether they were male or female. In our last session we looked at the difference between male and female humans, learning the scientific names for different body parts. 

The children were very excited to be visited by Mrs Noordin in RE this week. She explained all about the mosque and what happens there. She brought in some different artefacts to show us and explain how they are used. She also brought with her some edible Arabic treats for the children to try too. 


In our English this week we have focused on the Queen. We have thought of questions that we would ask her in an interview if she came to visit Stoke Mandeville Combined School and have found out all about the Windsor Castle fire in 1992. 

For our jubilee celebrations each class has been learning about a different decade of Queen Elizabeth's II reign. In Year 2 we have been looking at the 1990s. We have enjoyed listening to various different 1990s music and Miss Poole has told us all about The Spice Girls. We have all worked hard to use powder paint to create our own portraits of the Queen in the 1990s. 



20th May 2022

The children in Year 2 have all been superstars this week with their 'Quiz Week' and should be commended for their resilience and hard work. They have all tried their best and have got on with what has been asked of them. Well done Year 2. 

In English and maths our focus has been on our quizzes but we have also been working hard on some problem solving. We started by highlighting the key words in the problem before looking at the calculations that we needed to do. We then worked hard to find different solutions. 

In our science work we have been thinking about plants and what they need to grow healthily. We set up an experiment to find out by planting cress seeds in different conditions. We decided one won't have water, one won't have light, one won't have soil and one won't have a warm temperature. We have also set up a control one that has all these things. We are going to observe them between now and half term to see what happens to them. We also got to plant our own cress seeds, which we then took home. Hopefully we will all be able to successfully grow some healthy cress! 


For Outdoor Classroom Day we looked at the different plants and flowers that we could find on the school field and did some observational drawings of these. 


13th May 2022

It has been a busy week in school with lots going on. The children worked hard in PE using the maypole, working on going over and under to weave the ribbons! In our topic lesson we identified the physical and human features of the seaside which the children were all very good at. 

In our English work we have been focussing on explanation texts, using life cycles to help us. We have been writing to explain the life cycle of a butterfly and frog and then wrote about what we had seen with the chicks before Easter and their life cycle. In maths, we have looked at position and direction, learning the difference between our left and right and how we can give directions to get to different places. 

In science, we started our new topic on plants. We talked about what we already know and what we would like to find out and then went on a plant hunt around the school ground, naming the different wild plants that we found and identifying the deciduous and evergreen trees. 


6th May 2022

It has taken almost 3 years, but the children can now say that they have been on a school trip! The children were absolute stars throughout the day, behaving really well, listening to what was being asked and all while having lots of fun! Many of the children didn't want to leave when it came to home time, even if it was to go back on the very exciting double-decker coach! We started the day with a science show then worked in pairs to design our own Rube Goldberg machines and then after lunch got to explore in the exploration zone! Here are a few pictures of our day. If you would like to see more check out the science page of the website! A big thank you to the parent helpers who accompanied us on our trip too. 



We have been continuing to work hard on our maths work this week, looking more at length and height and in particular comparing and ordering lengths. In our English work we have been looking at writing recounts, writing our own recounts for a trip to a castle using the class map that we made. We will then make changes to this map to write about our trip to Science Oxford. 

In Art this half term we are looking at sculpture. We started our topic off using bread dough to make our own hand sculptures in the style of the artist Marc Quinn. 



29th April 2022

The children have returned to school all ready for the new term, their last full term of Year 2! Our new topic is 'Beside the Seaside' and we have been busy using atlases to locate different seaside locations. We then used the ipads to research Brighton in pairs. 

In our English work we have been looking at recounts, looking at a recount of a visit to a castle and the different features that need to be included. 

In maths we have started a new unit all about 'Length and Height'. Miss Poole has been impressed with our use of the mathematical vocabulary taller, shorter and longer and our measuring skills using cubes and then a ruler to measure in cm. 


In our Skills for Life session we looked at sun safety, discussing the different ways that we can keep safe in the sun. The children were very knowledgable and are ready for the warmer weather when it arrives! We also enjoyed our first Maypole dancing session in PE!

8th April 2022

This half term has flown by, and another holiday has reached us! The children have all worked really hard this term and have made good progress. We have thought about Easter in our RE lesson this week, looking at different Easter cards that you can get and the symbols that they use. Then we planned and made our own. 

The children all worked so hard and carefully when making their fruit smoothies in DT this week. They used the bridge hold and claw grip successfully to chop the fruit into small pieces and then put it all in the blender with some juice! Many of the children decided that they are going to try and recreate their fruit smoothies at home over the holidays! 



In maths, we have reached the end of our fraction unit and it is lovely to see the progress that the children have all made in this, both in our knowledge and confidence to have a go. 

There was lots of excitement on Monday when we all had a turn at holding one of the baby chicks that we have had in school for the last couple of weeks. 


We enjoyed looking at an aerial photograph of Stoke Mandeville in our topic lesson, looking to see what we could locate. We found the school, park and even some of the children's houses! 


The Year 2 team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and safe holidays. We look forward to seeing you all back for the summer term. 

1st April 2022

The children have all coped really well with their assessments this week, working hard on them and demonstrating great resilience. Well done to them all!

We have continued our work on fractions on maths, looking at the difference between unit and non-unit fractions and looking at how a 1/2 is the same as 2/4. In our English we have continued with our work on instructions, looking at following instructions, building up to writing our own. We worked hard to follow the instructions to make a stained glass window linked to our RE work on Easter. Have a look at them in our classroom windows as you drop off or pick up! 


We took our science learning outside to the field, hunting for microhabitats. We were successful in finding woodlice, spiders, ants, slugs and we found some evidence of caterpillars on a leaf too! We talked about the reasons that the different creatures may have chosen their microhabitat and why it is suited to them. 


25th March 2022

It has certainly been a more normal week this week and it has been so lovely to have the sun shining. It has been great to get outside for PE focussing on our tennis skills and then on making up our own games with Year 1! The children were very creative with the equipment that they used and the ideas that they had.


Our focus in maths has continued to be on fractions. We are all growing more confident at recognising halves and quarters and this week have been introduced to thirds. In our English work we have been looking at instructions and their main features. We have worked hard to order them and have been spotting the main features that they have. 

In science, we have been thinking about the habitats of different animals and what each habitat has that helps the various animals. This helped us with our topic lesson where we looked at the different climates in the world and the animals that lives in each of them. 


18th March 2022

The children have focused on all things science this week to mark Science Week 2022! In English, the children began the week by considering the role of a scientist. Having explored this occupation thoroughly, they selected a scientist to research – the most popular choice was Louis Pasteur. Once the children had completed their research, they created leaflets to inform others about their chosen scientist. During daily science lessons, the children completed a variety of challenges: melting ice under different conditions, creating a tower from paper cups, creating a tower from paper, nest building, making art from natural materials and a scavenger hunt. 


11th March 2022

It has been a busy week in Year 2 with lots of fun and learning had! The children loved their science lesson on the field on Monday, exploring what they could find. The children were tasked with the challenge of finding things that are alive/living, things that were once living/dead and things that have never lived. Worms were found and collected into breathable pots, leaves collected and even some bits of PE and playground equipment found! A number of children said that they were going to go and investigate in their gardens when they got home!


In maths we have focussed on 3D shape and looked at the vocabulary of faces, edges and vertices linked to this. We have sorted the shapes by type and also by using their properties. 

Writing our own riddles has been our English focus with the children writing their own riddles for a piece of fruit and a 2D or 3D shape. The children have really enjoyed writing these and sharing them with visitors to the class. 

In our topic lesson we looked at the polar regions of the world. We enjoyed using the mini globes to recap the continents and oceans of the world and then to locate the polar regions too. We sorted different facts into whether they were about the Arctic or Antarctica. 



4th March 2022

Welcome back to a new half term. Our topic this half term is 'The World From Above' where we will be developing our Geography and map skills. 

We have all had an enjoyable World Book Day with fantastic costumes! We focussed our learning on the book The Tin Forest by Helen Ward, writing our own postcards from the forest. In the afternoon we used the pictures from the book to help design the front to the postcards, all working very hard on this. 



In our English work we have been introduced to riddles and their different features. We have enjoyed reading various riddles and using the clues to work out what they are describing. We are looking forward to moving on to writing our own next week.

We have continued our focus on shape in maths, investigating vertical lines of symmetry and how 2D shapes can be sorted. Miss Poole has been very pleased with our symmetry work! 


18th February 2022

This half term really has gone quickly! The children are now half way through Year 2 and have been continuing to work hard. The children wowed the adults in class with the knowledge they have learned about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole! They really have remembered a lot! 

We started a new unit on shape in maths this week which we will be continuing after the half term break. We revised the names of different 2D shapes and created a tally chart of where we saw them around school. An important word that we learned in maths this week is vertices, and we are feeling more confident to use it when we are describing various 2D shapes. 


In English this week we have looked at the story of Hansel and Gretel, writing our own retellings. We looked closely at the order that the events in the story happened and worked hard to make sure we used correct punctuation. We then used purple pens to edit and improve our writing.

The children all enjoyed the skipping workshop on Thursday afternoon and demonstrated lots of resilience when taking part! 



11th February 2022 

It has been another busy week in Year 2 with the children working hard. Our main focus has been on Children's Mental Health Week where we have been talking about feelings and strategies we can use to overcome them. The week started with us playing a game in pairs showing different facial expressions with our partners having to guess which feeling it represented. We used the book The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark to look at the feeling of fear, Lost and Found to look at sadness and feelings around this and When Sophie Gets Angry to look at anger. We thought about times when we have been scared like Plop the Owl and how we overcame it, explored the different feelings of sadness from the penguin and the boy and created volcanoes to look at how anger can explode. 


In our English work we have continued our work on The Tear Thief, using the ideas from the story to try and write our own. We have continued to look at pictograms in maths but this time where the pictures are worth either 2, 5 or 10. 

In science we looked at the meaning of the words transparent, translucent and opaque and used torches to investigate different materials and objects. 


Our pupils of the week are MH for brilliant descriptive writing in her English work and AH for super work in maths this week. 

4th February 2022 

The children have all been working hard again this week. They have remembered so much about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale which they shared in our topic lesson where we looked at how hospitals have changed over the years. We all decided that we definitely prefer hospitals now. 

In our English work this week we have been looking at the story of 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy. The children made good predictions about the character in the book before we read it and all had their own thoughts about what it would be about based on the title. We have looked at how similes are used within the book to describe different things and have had a go at writing some of our own.

We had an exciting start to our week in maths, using sweets to create our own tally charts! We had to look at the different sweets that were in a bag and find out which sweet was the most and least popular. We had fun collecting our own information to create our own tally charts based on favourite colour, pet, food and all sorts of other ideas. 



In science, we learned all about man-made and natural materials and looked at how natural materials can be used to create different man-made items. We then went on a man-made and naturals materials hunt around school. 


Our pupils of the week this week are CFF for super work in science, identifying the natural and man-made materials and CS for amazing progress in his reading! 


28th January 2022

It has been another busy week in Year 2, with our English and topic learning being focussed on Mary Seacole. We have found out lots of different facts about her and learned that she was a very brave nurse, even going out onto the battlefield to treat the soldiers. 

The children had a great time in maths this week learning how to leap frog! We started off by practising our frog jumps along a mat and then moved on to trying to leap frog over one of our classmates. The children should all be proud of the progress that they made in the lesson. 


The adults in class have been really impressed with the children's division skills this week, working hard to divide by 2, 5 and 10. 

Science was another fun packed lesson where the children were given the challenge of making boats! We thought about the different properties that we have investigated over the last few weeks and used this knowledge to help us to design and make our own boats. Then we tested them to see if they would float and keep an orange dry! Some did and some did not! 


This week's pupils of the week are CB for demonstrating perseverance in his division work in maths and FG for demonstrating a good attitude in all of her learning. 

21st January 2022

The children have all risen to the challenge of the new Class Recognition Board, working hard to achieve this week's focus, proving that they can do it really well. 

Our English work this week has linked to our topic, and we have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and the work that she did to improve hospitals and help the soldiers. The children imagined that they were 'Billy', an injured soldier in the Magic Grandad clip that we watched. They wrote some super letters to Florence Nightingale thanking her for the amazing care that she had given them! We will be editing and writing these up in neat, ready to go on display. 

In maths we have been looking at sharing. We started the week looking at sharing into equal groups and then moved on to look at sharing by grouping. We have also had the division symbol introduced to us too! It has been lovely to see how much more confident the children are getting when counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10, and even 3! 

Our science work gave us the opportunity to investigate with materials again. We looked at whether the different materials were flexible or rigid and whether they could stretch or squash as well. The adults in Year 2 were all really impressed with our science homework from last week, where we designed our own outfits for Traction Man! The children were all so creative and did an amazing job! 



Our Year 2 pupils of the week this week are ED for good progress in her reading of different words and JA for super work on his sharing in maths this week. 


14th January 2022

It has been a busy first full week back in school and the children are settled back into their routines. We have started our 'Nurturing Nurses' topic by looking at Florence Nightingale and the timeline of her life showing her achievements. 

In maths this week we have been continuing to look at multiplication and in particular at the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have used our computing skills to take photographs of different multiplication arrays which we then uploaded to our Seesaw activity. It has been lovely to see the progress that the children have made with their counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. 

In science we have been investigating which materials are waterproof and which are not, in order to help us with our homework task of designing, making and testing a waterproof outfit for Traction Man. We all worked really hard to investigate which materials were waterproof and most of us managed not to make our books wet! As a class we designed a table to show our results.



In our gymnastics sessions we have been learning all about creating different shapes. We have learned how to make a dish, arch and front support shape and are beginning to work to link these together. 


7th January 2022

A Happy New Year to you all. On behalf of the Year 2 team I would like to thank you for all the kind cards, messages and gifts we received at the end of last term. 

The children all arrived back at school excited to see their friends and get on with their learning. They have settled quickly into the classroom and school routines. 

In maths we have continued our focus on multiplication like we looked at before Christmas and in English  it has been a grammar and spelling focus.  The children enjoyed the work done with Mrs Ryan about Traction Man. 

In topic we have thought about what significant and famous mean and different significant and famous people that we know of. 

Pupils of the week are FN for good progress in reading and JR for starting 2022 with a hard working attitude. 

10th December 2021

The Christmas play rehearsals are going well and good progress has been made. The children are definitely getting louder in preparation for next week's performances! 

In English this week we continued with our fairy tale focus and looked at the story of Cinderella. The children we excited by this as many had seen it in panto over the weekend and are looking forward to it next week. We introduced the word type 'adverb' and had a go at describing Cinderella's dancing and outfit using these. 

In maths our focus has been on looking at equal groups and repeated addition in preparation for multiplication and division. The children have done really well with this and have shown their progress in their counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10. 

Our puppets in DT are taking shape. The children worked carefully to sew around the edge of them are they are now ready for decorating; something the children are very much looking forward to. 

We enjoyed taking part in an athletics relay where we had to time how long it took us to run around a rectangle outside on the playground, passing the baton from person to person. We practised a few times and tried to beat our time each time.  


Our Pupils of the Week this week are PD for saying her lines loudly and clearly in the nativity rehearsals and IL for great progress in her reading. 


3rd December 2021

It has been another busy week in Year 2 with lots of learning and work being done, as well as some rehearsals too for the Nativity. The children are doing well learning their lines, and I am sure will be amazing for the performances! A big well done to all of Year 2 for taking their Phonic Screening in their stride this week too! 

In our English work this week we have been looking at the fairy tale Rapunzel. We worked hard to answer questions about the text and to place the main events in order before writing our own retellings of the story, 

In maths we have continued to look at money where we have looked at finding the difference and giving change. The children have all worked really hard on their money work over the last few weeks and have made good progress with this! 

For science this week we had to help Mrs Twidale out! She had spilt a cup of tea at lunchtime and didn't know how to clear it up. We tested different materials to see which were absorbent and which were not and then gave her some advice about which to use! We discovered that kitchen roll, our school blue paper towels or a piece of fabric like a tea towel would help her to clear up her mess! She was very grateful for our help!


Our pupils of the week this week are CFF for fantastic work in PE, jumping and travelling in a sequence and EI for fantastic reasoning in maths, linked to money problems.


26th November 2021

The children have all worked really hard on their quizzes this week and should be proud what they have shown that they know. Well done to you all. 

In our science this week we went on a material hunt around school, both inside and outside! We took ipads with us and used them to take photographs of different objects. We then looked at the materials they were made from and thought about reasons why. 


We have continued with our money work in maths, looking at how we can make the same amount in different ways and have also been busy comparing different amounts. In our English work we have been focussing on our punctuation and when and where to use it. 

We have all enjoyed starting to make our own puppets. We drew around templates to get the right shape, persevered with the scissors to cut the felt and then started our sewing around the edge. The adults were once again impressed with everyone's determination with their sewing! 


Pupils of the week are MH for a lovely penguin dance, thinking carefully about her moves and CG for brilliant, expressive reading when reading aloud to the class. 



19th November 2021

It has been another busy week in school with lots of work being done to cover our 'Managing Hurtful Behaviour and Bullying' topic in our Skills for Life learning. We have looked at the story of 'The Ugly Duckling' and spoke about who the victim and the bully are in it, with the children making valuable contributions about what they had seen.  We also put ourselves in the shoes of August from the book and film Wonder, writing diary entries about how he was feeling. 

In our maths work we have been learning all about money! We can count different amounts of money using coins and notes and have been trying hard to count amounts using a mixture of both. For our English work we have continued our work on non-chronological reports having a go at writing our own about different animals. 

In topic we continued to use the atlases, this time focusing on the United Kingdom. We located each of the countries in the UK and labelled then on a map. We then had a go at locating where different castles are located within the UK. 


Our pupils of the week this week are GV for super money work throughout the week and AR for always giving everything her best and working hard. 


12th November 2021

The children have all been working hard this week! Our English work has focused on learning about non-chronological reports with a particular focus on a non-chronological report about castles. We have looked at and identified the features, looked carefully at the layout and had a go at writing our own castles non-chronological report.

In maths this week we have taken part in our school Maths Week looking at problem solving. We used the ipads to help us look at a problem where we needed to sort houses in different ways. We had some great ideas about how we could sort them, looking at sizes, types, colours and even the shape and number of windows.


We looked at food in science and how we can group it in different ways. We used different toy foods to sort them into the food groups and then designed our own healthy meal plan. 


In our topic work we had great fun using the atlases to locate the countries of different castles. The children were all very excited to use the atlases and worked well in their pairs! 

Our pupils of the week are KC for working hard on her spellings and JM for his enthusiasm in his reading. 


5th November 2021

The children have all settled well after that half term break and have settled back into the school routines. We have been busy looking at Sir Mo Farah in our English sessions this week, as part of our work for Black History Week. The children were all very impressed with how far he can run and how many gold medals he has won! We have enjoyed looking at some of the children's books that he has written, featuring a character called Little Mo and thinking about what might happen in them.

In our maths we have been focussing on subtraction of two 2 digit numbers, using the tens and ones equipment to help us. We have looked at what happens when the number you are subtracting from doesn't have enough ones to subtract from and how we can exchange a ten for ten ones. This has proven a bit trickier but the children have persevered. 

Our topic work has involved us looking at the different parts of a castle and what they are, including why they are designed in the way they are. 

In science we investigated how exercise effects our bodies and how it makes us feel. We counted our heartbeats before and after exercise and talked about  how it made us feel. 


For outdoor classroom day we had fun taking our learning in maths onto the playground to find numbers that added together to make 100 and our music lesson on the field investigating the different sounds we could find in nature. We discovered that if you hit a tree trunk with a stick it sounds a bit like playing the drums, using a stick and brushing it against leaves was like a guitar and that kicking the leaves makes it sound like a maraca. 


Pupils of the week are CS for a positive can do attitude in all his learning this week and FW for super subtraction work in maths.


22nd October 2021

We have made it to the end of half term! The children have continued to be busy this week and have all been working hard. We have made predictions about what we think will happen in Quest, read to the end and even transported ourselves into the story to be one of the characters. The diary entries we have written really do show the progress that the children have made since the ones they wrote at the start of this half term. 

Much of our maths has been practical this week, We have been looking at using base 10 cubes and place value counters to make different addition problems. We have even been trying to exchange ones for a ten where a new ten is made! Using the equipment has really helped us! 

In out topic we learned all about our current Queen, Queen Elizabeth II and her reign. We worked in groups to place events in her life in chronological order and then as a whole class to create a timeline across the classroom! 

Pupils of the week this week are EB for showing resilience with a mature attitude and EB for fantastic progress in reading this term. 


15th October 2021

It has been another busy week in Year 2. In English we began looking at the book 'Quest' by Aaron Becker. It is a picture book without words so we have had lots of discussions about what the words could be if there were some. We have looked at adding speech bubbles to the different pictures in the book too. We are looking forward to reading to the end of the book next week. 

In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction, using the ten frames and double-sided counters to help us. We have looked at how we can use our number bonds to 10 to support us with our addition and subtraction. 

In science we investigated all about hand washing. We used glitter to represent the germs and washed our hands in different ways to see which is the best way to wash them! We discovered that washing our hands with soap and water is the best way to remove the germs. We also talked about other ways we need to keep clean. 


Pupils of the week this week are DT for increased independence and effort in all of her learning and AH for excellent description and use of conjunctions in his writing.


8th October 2021

We have had a good week in Year 2 with lots of work going on. In our topic session we learned all about Queen Victoria! The children were amazed that she had 9 children and 42 grandchildren! 

In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting tens from different numbers, using different equipment to help us. For English we have been busy writing our own stories with our dragons as the main character. The dragons have been very busy on all of their adventures!

In science we looked at different animals and their young. The children were all amazed about what a baby ladybird looks like when we looked at the life cycle. Using the ipads the children then went on to research some different animals and what their young look like. 

We used the glockenspiels in music, and it certainly sounded more musical this week! It really does go to show how much practice helps! We managed to perform the song with singing and an instrumental! 


This week's pupils of the week are AI for her brilliant singing and playing of the glockenspiel in music this week and JG for a super piece of writing all about Queen Victoria. 


1st October 2021

It has been another busy week in Year 2. The children all did a fantastic job in the Harvest Assembly on Wednesday, performing our class harvest list poem. 

In our science work this week we investigated some different questions. We looked at whether the tallest person has the biggest hands, whether the oldest person has the biggest hands and investigated whether bigger hands can pick up more cubes! We discovered that sometimes this the tallest person had the biggest hands, sometimes the oldest person had the biggest hands and that it wasn't always the person with the biggest hands that could pick up the most cubes. 


In our topic work we found out all about Queen Elizabeth I and her reign on the throne. We thought about questions that we would ask her and tried to answer them with the knowledge we had discovered. Queen Elizabeth I then visited our classroom, and we were able to ask her the questions!  

In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and looking at how when we know one fact we can find out more. In our English work we have been writing some character descriptions and designing our own dragons to feature in our own decagon stories next week.

Pupils of the week are GE for thoughtful contributions to our topic lesson about Queen Elizabeth I and IP for showing enthusiasm in all of her work and trying her best. 


24th September 2021

The children have been working really hard again this week in Year 2. In our English work we have been looking at harvest and have been writing harvest list poems using our knowledge of adjectives, nouns and verbs. We are hoping to share some of these in our school Harvest Assembly next week. 

Our maths focus this week has been on counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We are growing more confident with this and have been showing that we can do it in lots of different ways. 

We all travelled to a desert island in science this week, thinking about what we would need to survive if we were stranded there! We wrote our own messages asking for help and them put our messages in a bottle! Hopefully help arrives soon and we get rescued! 


In music, we have had fun using the glockenspiels to accompany a song we have been learning. With practice, we are getting better at playing the different notes in time with the music! 


17th September 2021

It has been a busy week in Year 2! The children are all getting used to their routines and did really well with their first 'Show me you know' spelling session. 

We have continued looking at the story of The Paper Bag Princess this week, building up to writing our own diary entries in the role of one of the characters. It has been lovely to see the children's ideas and language choices for these! 

In maths we have been continuing to look at place value, looking at this on a part whole model and a place value chart. The children are getting really good at using the different equipment to show the numbers in different ways. 


For our topic work the children enjoyed using the ipads to do their own research into different monarchs. They worked well in pairs and then reported back to the rest of the class the facts that they had found out. They found it very interesting that the Queen doesn't need to have a driving licence! 

The children loved having the opportunity to work with the tennis coach on Wednesday, listening carefully and working hard to balance the ball on the rachet and to shoot at a target!


Our pupils of the week this week are NS for great reasoning in his maths work and KS for always trying her best in all her work. 


10th September 2021

The children have all settled brilliantly into their new classroom and are getting used to the Year 2 routines. They have come back to school ready and eager to learn.

Our topic this term is 'Monarchs and Castles'. We have looked at what a good monarch does and thought about what we would have as rules if we were a king or a queen! There were some very interesting suggestions, including that children can drive cars! 

In our English work we have been looking at the story 'The Paper Bag Princess' by Robert Munsch. We have looked at sequencing the main events in the story and talked about what Elizabeth did and reasons for this. 

Our maths has been focussed on place value and we are all growing more confident when using the tens and ones cubes to make different numbers. 


In science we had fun investigating how we could make the biggest bubbles. We explored using water, baby bath, straws, whisks, spoons and our hands and found out that using a straw created the biggest bubbles! 


Our pupils of the week this week are EM for her readiness to listen and learn and JB for his positive attitude to his learning.