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What are we Learning?

5th March 2021


This week we have had lots of fun, ending with World Book Day. The children at school and at home all wore some brilliant outfits dressed as different book characters.

It was lovely to see all of the different outfits.


We completed some work around the 'Dirty Beasts' poems by Roald Dahl.


In English this week, we have been creating comic strips for our own Great Fire stories.


In maths, we looked at 2d shapes in more depth, included sides and vertices, sorting shapes and drawing 2d shapes.


In science, we focused on looking at which materials can and can't be recycled. We looked at a story to see what happens to our rubbish when we throw it away and learnt all about the rubbish monster! We talked about some ways we could reuse our rubbish and started to create collages with the rubbish from our lunchboxes.


We are all looking forward to welcoming all the children back in school next week for another week of great learning!

26th February 2021

This week we have all returned to school life and home learning very well. In English, we have focused on the book 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'. It follows the journey of a flea during the fire. We planned and started to write our own stories based on the Great Fire, using familiar characters.

In maths, we have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes and their properties. We focused on finding shapes in real life, looking at the sides, faces and vertices and seeing the 2d shapes that make up the faces of 3d shapes. At home, we used different materials to make 3d shapes and 2d shapes. We also used the outdoor area to find different 3d shapes.

In science, we explored the flexibility of materials or how rigid they are. We tested lots of object and materials to find out which materials were rigid and which were flexible.

In topic, we began to look at the key features of London as a city, locating landmarks on a map and looking at what it looks like now.

We have also enjoyed the warmer weather and getting lots of exercise in PE.


12th February 2021

This week in Year 2, we have been reading and writing our own instructions. We looked at how to make Great Fire bread, the recipe that Thomas Farriner may have used in 1666. We made some picture instructions. We then looked at how to make and write our own instructions. We made our own creations. These included Lego buildings, baked goods and fruit salads. We used these to write instructions for an alien to follow.

In maths, we have been looking at more methods to add and subtract. We have started to use the column method for addition, using equipment and pictures to help us organise the numbers into the place value columns.

In science, we used the weather to our advantage and investigated the question: Which material keeps us the warmest?

We used ice from outside to test different materials and find out what would keep us warmer. We found out that the fabric melted the ice the quickest and the tin foil kept the ice very cold, however some children at home found that the tin foil did the opposite!

We also took the opportunity to spend some time playing in the snow safely during our lunch time.

The Year 2 team wish you  a happy and restful half term! See you after the break.

Pupils of the Week are LD for an excellent standard of work online and MT for trying hard to be a good role model.

5th February  2021

This week, we have really enjoyed celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week and expressing ourselves. We took part in our active day on Tuesday, doing lots of activities to help with our mental wellbeing and keeping active.

During English, we have been looking at fire safety. We wrote some rules on how to keep safe in a fire and how to prevent fires in the home. We are working on producing our very own fire safety advice for others.

In maths, we have continued working on statistics, including pictograms, block diagrams and tally charts. We used sweets to represent different ways of organising information. We have also looked at scales, where we count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.

Those of us at home have been very creative in expressing ourselves, using different art forms and dance. I have really enjoyed watching different videos of children making up their own dances. Another way we express ourselves is through what we wear. We took this opportunity to create our own outfits, including out of bin liners. We did a catwalk to show them off!

We also enjoyed designing and creating our own T-shirts. We used fabric paints and pens to make our t-shirts our own and show off our personality. Our creations looked amazing!

Pupils of the Week are JW for being an excellent role model all the time and RC for challenging themselves at home.


29th January 2021

This week in Year 2, we have taken lots of our learning outside. We were inspired by the snow at the weekend and decided to focus our learning on wintry scenes. We looked at some winter and snowflake poems and came up with some brilliant vocabulary using our senses. We used our outdoor areas to come up with words, using the snow to help us. We then went on a virtual school trip to a winter wonderland walk. We travelled by coach and even stopped off for a hot chocolate. We wrote some lovely setting descriptions about what the place was like, what we could see, hear, touch and smell and what we noticed around us.

In maths, we have been learning about statistics and data collection. We have learnt all about tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. On Tuesday, the children at home used their daily walk to collect data to make and evaluate their own tally chart. They looked at different traffic, types of animals, parts of nature and lots of other great ideas. In school, we used our outdoor area to hunt for different bugs to tally, along with some other ideas.  We also created block diagrams using Lego and other equipment.

In Science, we carried out the whole school science experiment where we investigated the question: Do taller people have bigger feet? First, we talked about ways that we could measure and find out. We went outside and drew around our shoes, comparing what they looked like. We then used metre sticks and rulers to measure each footprint and each others’ heights.

In our class at school, we discovered that the tallest person had the biggest feet. At home, there were some very interesting results too.

Finally, in PE, we adapted some of our target throwing into challenges of our own. We challenged Miss Jacob to take part too! Luckily, it had warmed up lots by then.

Pupils of the Week are RS for excellent resilience online and DI for a really settled return to school.


22nd January 2021

It’s been another lovely week of learning in Year 2, both in school and at home. The children have been very creative with their learning, using resources well. In English, we have looked at Samuel Pepys’s diary. We discussed how this was an important historical source because it helps to know what happened in the Great Fire of London. The children produced some fantastic role plays as if they were there. I was very impressed with their acting skills and use of props! They then created some story maps to help them write their own diary entries, using some pictures to help.

During maths this week, we have explored and investigated doubles, multiples of 2 and odd and even numbers, looking at the relationship between them. We were also surprised to find out about Mrs Stewart’s extra job as a baker- we don’t know how she has time!

In science, we read the book ‘Traction Man is Here’ and helped him get ready to go underwater. He needed a waterproof diving outfit so, using materials around the house and at school, we investigated which materials would be effective and which ones wouldn’t. We came up with some interesting results and we don’t think paper would be a very good idea at all!

The children in school have created some wonderful artwork showing scenes from The Great Fire of London. We have also used our topic time to discover how London has changed from 1666 until now.  Well done on another great week in school and at home.

Pupils of the Week are BP for enthusiasm online and LR for being an excellent role model.