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What are we Learning?

21st January 2022

In Year 1 this week, we have been very busy indeed.

We have enjoyed our story in English, 'The Night Pirates'- a story about girl pirates who steal the front of a house! We found it very funny and produced some fantastic pieces of writing re-telling the story. We have particularly been focusing on using full stops and capital letters in the right places.

In maths, we have been comparing number sentences, exploring how some number sentences can make the same amount as others. We have also continued counting in tens and fives.

We made the most of the cold weather this week and explored how the seasons change. We went outside and found many signs of winter, including ice and bare trees. We used the ipads to take photos and explain what we saw.

We had another fun-filled geography lesson this week too. We have enjoyed learning about the world and this week we found out about continents. We learnt a continents song and used atlases and globes to locate them.

14th January 2022

This week, the children have continued working hard, with super new year's attitudes.

We continued our topic on pirates and explorers, reading 'Pirates Love Underpants' in English. We have started to plan and write our own pirate adventure stories. We have also introduced some joined up handwriting in our handwriting sessions and the children all feel very grown up practising this.

We have been exploring addition within 20 during maths, focusing on how we can use our number bonds to help us add. We have been practising our speed with our number bonds and adding crossing ten. For example, we identified that 9+5 is the same as 9+1+4.

In science, we continued investigating materials. We sorted and identified properties of materials and learnt some exciting new words like 'transparent' and 'rigid'.

We became great geographers this week and explored different types of maps and atlases. We identified our own country and began to explore how the world is shown in maps and how we can look for different places. We really enjoyed this and were disappointed when the lesson ended, and it was time to go home!

7th January 2022

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope that you all managed to have a lovely Christmas and make the most of the break.

This has been a very short week, but the children have demonstrated resilience at being back in school and have continued to work hard.

In English, we have introduced our new topic, 'Pirates and explorers'. We have read the book 'Pirates Love Underpants' which we all found very funny. We did some descriptive writing based on the book.

In maths, we have been focusing on using our number bonds to help us add. We used our new rekenreks to help with this.

We really enjoyed exploring our new topic in science: Materials. We named and sorted a range of every day materials and had a look at what lots of objects are made from.


10th December

We have some very excited children now that Christmas is creeping closer. We have continued reading The Jolly Christmas Postman and we have written our own letters to characters from traditional tales. The children did brilliantly with these.

In maths, we have focused on greater than, less than and have begun counting in 2s and 5s, using our shoes, feet and hands to help us. We have also been excited to finally use the rekenreks that have been delivered into school. These will be helping us with our counting and fluency.

We have also been working very hard on our nativity and the play is coming together nicely! Well done to everyone who has been busy working on their lines and acting!


3rd December

The children have been very excited this week by the fact that it is now December. We have continued practising the nativity and I have been very impressed by the children's dedication to learning lines!

In English this week, we read the book 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and identified lots of different characters from traditional tales, including Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Humpty Dumpty. We then wrote our own traditional tales with some well-known characters, for example, Red Riding Hood visited Tesco!

In maths we have been looking at place value to 50. We identified tens and ones in numbers to 50 and have learnt how to count in tens.

We were very excited to walk to the church for our Christingle service, although we had to be very careful when crossing the road. We were all very sensible and represented the school well.

We're also looking forward to the Christmas Fair and selling our super decorations!

26th November

It's been another lovely week of learning in Year 1. In English, we continued reading The Hodgeheg. We found out lots of facts about hedgehogs from the book and other sources and have begun to write our own non-chronological reports.

In maths, we have focused our brains into problem solving and reasoning to do with numbers. We have looked at number patterns and sequences, looking carefully for a rule and we have also tackled some very tricky challenges! We were also very grown up and completed a special quiz which we really enjoyed.

During our geography lesson, we learnt what a map is and how it helps us find our way around. We then created a map of our school and its grounds.

In science, we enjoyed learning all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and sorting animals into the correct categories based on what they eat.

We're really enjoying all of our nativity songs and lines too!

19th November

The children have continued working hard this week. We have started a new book, 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King Smith. The book is all about a hedgehog called Max who wants to know how to cross the road safely. We found it very funny when he bumped his head and started mixing up all of his words!

We have created some excellent road safety information writing pieces, explaining to Max how to cross the road safely. 

We have also been moving on really well with our phonics and reading. Lots of us are becoming really confident with our sounds!

In maths, we have focused on place value to 20. We looked at partitioning teen numbers into tens and ones and solving problems to do with place value. 

We have also spent this week focusing on anti-bullying week. We talked about the differences between hurtful behaviour or unkind behaviour and bullying. We sorted out some scenarios into bullying and not bullying and discussed the feelings involved with bullying. The children were all very sensible in sharing their thoughts and discussing the different stories.

12th November

We enjoyed taking part in maths week this week, focusing our investigations around shape. We explored questions such as 'How can we make other shapes using 2d shapes?' 'What 3d shapes can be made with cubes?' and ' How can we overlap squares to make other squares?'

In English, we continued learning about Guy Fawkes adn the Gunpoder Plot.

We read a letter and wrote a reply, pretending to be King James I.

In science, we investigated different animal structures and made our own skeletons. We were very surprised to learn that most animals, including humans, don't have bones in their ears!

We have also started to learn our songs for the Christmas nativity- we're very excited about this!



5th November

This week has certainly been a busy one, with all the children keen and happy to return to school after a fun-packed half term.

In maths, our focus has continued to be addition and subtraction. We learnt what 'find the difference' means and explored lots of methods to count between and subtract. We have also been busy comparing number sentences.


In English, we have explored what a noun is. We correctly identified nouns as a person, a place or a thing and we even discovered that proper nouns need capital letters. We focused on the book 'Mr Fawkes, The King and the Gunpowder Plot,' where we looked at the characters and the places and why they need a capital letter.

Four our 'Take learning outside' day, we became archaeologists. We did lots of digging to find artefacts all about Guy Fawkes. We found an old letter to the King and even some bones!

This week we have also had a focus on Black History. We learnt about Mae Jemison, the first back female astronaut to go to space. We read a story which inspired us to think about our dreams for the future and what we can achieve.


22nd October

What a busy week we've had in Year 1! We started off by celebrating our 'Be Bright, Be Seen' day with lots of us wearing very bright clothing.

In English, we have continued to read the book 'Pumpkin Soup'.

We focused our learning around instruction writing. We learnt how to make a pumpkin soup and memorised the instructions using actions. We learnt new 'bossy' words like 'mix', 'pour', 'chop', 'blend' and 'serve'. We then wrote our own instructions for making pumpkin soup.

In maths we have learnt a new word- subtraction. We know that this means to make an amount smaller. We used equipment and drawings to subtract numbers and show it in different ways.

We have also been working on our problem solving and reasoning, using phrases like 'It is true because...'.

In science, we have focused on seasonal change. It is becoming very autumnal so we went on a walk around the school grounds and focused on a tree. We collected autumn leaves and talked about how the weather changes in autumn and what we need to wear.

15th October

In Year 1 this week, we have started a new story called 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper. 

We looked at some of the language used like 'old, white cabin' and 'deep in the woods'. We talked about how this helped to paint a picture in our heads and we came up with some of our own phrases. We also learnt what a question mark is and how it is used. We pretended to be the characters so we could ask them questions.

In maths, we have continued to look at adding. We have now learnt how to add by counting on, realising we don't have to count the first number but we can hold it in our heads. We also have looked at how we add using a number line to help us. 

We have been busy in our science lessons sorting and classifying groups of animals. We started by looking at how we could group them- the children came up with their own ideas, eg. 'Lives in a zoo' and 'does not live in a zoo' or 'has fur' and 'doesn't have fur'. We then learnt about how to put them into their proper scientific groups. We used some toy animals to group them into the right categories and then we had a go at sorting some of them out ourselves.


In History, we continued to look at how London has changed from 'the past' (1666). We looked at buildings and transport and we even had a look at a map. We decided that lots has changed since The Great Fire of London. 

8th October

This week, Year 1 have been doing some excellent story-telling. They have made up their own versions of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', including 'We're Going on a Tiger Hunt', 'We're Going on a Shark Hunt' and 'We're Going on a Unicorn Hunt'. The children have made up actions to help them remember each sentence of their story and completed a story map to help  them tell the story. They then wrote the stories using their best phonics, handwriting and punctuation.


In maths, we have been focusing on the composition of numbers 0-10 and using addition within 10, learning some of our number bonds.


During our history lesson, we looked at 'past' and 'present' focusing on how things have changed over time. We looked at pictures of buildings in London during The Great Fire of London, and what they look like now. The children had some great discussions about how they had chosen to sort the pictures.


We also learnt that not all black and white photos are from a long time ago!

For science this week, we focused on sorting and classifying. We learnt some posh names for how scientists sort animals: reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds and fish.

1st October

We have been learning a new story this week: 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We learnt some actions and completed some picture prompts to help us recite the story including all of the obstacles. We have then been practising writing some of the repeating phrases.

In maths, we have focused on using part-whole models to introduce the addition symbol. We have used different types of equipment to make part-whole models and shown different combinations of whole numbers.

In history this week, we looked at the importance of putting things in time order using a timeline. We focused on The Great Fire of London events and put them onto a joint timeline.

In Science, we continued working on our senses and went on a sensory walk around the outside area.





24th September 

In Year 1 this week, we have seen some great learning. In maths, we have been continuing with our counting, ordering and comparing. We learnt how to use the symbols < > and = which mean greater than, less than and equal to. We practised using different equipment to make different combinations and choose the correct signs to use.

We also used vocabulary for ordinal numbers and had some races with cars to see who was first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth.

In English, we have continued reading Toby and the Great Fire of London. We have started to get really good at writing sentences, focusing on finger spacing and writing on the line. We have also started to tell our own stories about the fire by changing the character or an object within the story.

In History, we finally learnt all about how the great fire started! We found out that it happened in a bakery on Pudding Lane.

Some of us then chose to make our own bakeries and bake some special bread- we were very careful not to leave the oven on though!

We began to identify our five senses in Science this week. We talked about how we need our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and hands to see, hear, taste smell and touch.

17th September

It has been another lovely week full of learning in Year 1.

In English, we have focused on sentence writing and we have written our first stories! We rehearsed some tricky language and then re-wrote the book 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. I was very impressed with all of the fantastic writing and the progress the children are making already.

In maths, we have continued working on our numbers using the vocabulary more, less, greater than and less than. We have been using a range of equipment to explore different numbers and combinations.

We enjoyed science this week, exploring our bodies and naming lots of body parts. We talked about how they grow.

We also had an extra PE session with a tennis coach. We learnt how to balance and hit a tennis ball with our rackets.

In History, we have been exploring the concept of the past. We talked about how lots of different things have happened in the past and some that were a very long time ago. We created our own timelines of our lives so far.

10th September 2021

It's been so lovely welcoming the children into Year 1 this week. They have settled really well and are getting to know their new classroom and learning environment.


We have enjoyed exploring our reading and writing areas.


We have started reading about The Great Fire of London in English and have written some good predictions. We have also enjoyed the role play area.


In maths, we have focused on numbers to 20, exploring how to make them in different ways and ordering them. We also remembered how to find less and more than a number.


We showed some brilliant investigative skills exploring our science question: How can we make the biggest bubble?